6 Tips To Ease Feelings of Loneliness if You’re Long Distance on Valentine’s Day

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If you're in long distance relationship on Valentine's Day and can't spend it with your partner, it makes sense if you feel a little blue about it. Not only is it hard to see other couples enjoy the occasion together (even if just on social media, given quarantine measures), but missing your special person and not being able to hold their hand or share a kiss can likewise be difficult.

Just because you may have to be physically long distance on Valentine's Day doesn't mean can't see your partner at all, though. Below find six expert-backed tips to ease loneliness and feel the love.

Being long distance on Valentine's Day doesn't have to mean a day of gloom. Here are 6 ideas to ease loneliness:

1. Enjoy a meal together from afar

Have a real Valentine's date, just in separate spaces. After all, there’s no reason you need to dine alone. “If you're in the same city, order from the same restaurant you both love so you can eat together,” says SKYN sex and intimacy expert and certified sexologist, Gigi Engle. “If you're not, order from your favorite place in each of your respective cities.” Then, hop on a Zoom and enjoy your meals together.

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2. Dress up and play around

Who cares if you're not going to a romantic restaurant? Looking the part anyway can offer the transformative power of helping you—and your long-distance partner—feel like it's a special holiday. “Dress up like you're going on a real Valentine's date with your partner,” says Engle.

Once dinner's over, swap your cocktail attire for some lingerie and, if you feel comfortable, engage in role-play (you could pretend it's Valentine's Day 2020 and you're safely out to dinner, for one idea), mutual masturbation, or virtual sex.

3. Surprise them with a sexy gift

If your sex life is generally on fire when you're physically together, there’s no reason to let it simmer down just because of distance. Engle suggests trying out subscription sex-toy boxes, like The Play Box or Tantalize Me. Or, keep it simpler with a single new sex toy to try. (These are great options for couples in LDRs).

4. Have a movie date

Regardless of the pandemic and your situation of being long distance on Valentine's Day, you might consider embracing the opportunity to opt out of the pressure that sometimes comes from romantic holidays and instead happily relax at home. While you do it, watch a movie online with your long-distance partner—even while you're apart.

“Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have watch parties, so you can watch a movie simultaneously with your partner for a chill Valentine’s Day,” says Briony Leo, health coach and licensed psychologist.

5. Decide to do celebrate together on a future date—then plan it

If you’re struggling to find the positives associated with being long distance on Valentine's Day, Leo says to press pause on the situation so you don't open yourself up to unnecessary disappointment. Instead, you can plan to redo Valentine's Day (on any calendar date!) together once you’re in person again.

6. Consider the bigger picture and practice gratitude

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is meant to facilitate romance and fun, but it’s also just another day. If you can’t be with your partner this year and can’t spend that time face-to-face, try to remember that you’re lucky to have them in your life in general. By practicing gratitude, you may find yourself less lonely in the moment and happier throughout the day.

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