Lululemon Opens Its Largest Store Ever in Manhattan’s Flatiron District

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Consider this really big news for women who live in Wunder Unders.

Lululemon's New York City flagship opens tomorrow at 114 Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District. And at 11,500 square feet, it will be the activewear giant's largest store to date, with men's and women's apparel, a 4,200-square-foot community space called Hub Seventeen, and a fitness concierge service.

Julie Anderson, Lululemon's "NYC Community Maven," helped develop the flagship. "There's such an amazing cool wellness scene in the area with awesome studios," Anderson says. "We're so rooted in community and we're thrilled to be a part of this one." (The nearby Union Square store will be closing as the new one opens.)

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In addition to placing themselves right in the center of what's become known as the Fitness District, they'll also be joining what we dubbed "Athleisure Row" along Fifth Avenue, with Athleta, Sweaty Betty, Nike, Gap Body, and New Balance all just steps away.

The new Lululemon store (the residence to a former mayor) looks beautifully merchandised with fixtures and finishes that you would expect to find in the design world and will have action over a couple of floors. Chic and modern Hub Seventeen, on the lower level, will offer a communal space with picnic tables, gorgeous gray sectional furniture, Instagram-ready white swings, plants from The Sill, and a full kitchen and refreshment bar with water and espresso. Plus, a giant space with mirrors and industrial chic lockers for fitness classes and workshops (and community events like concerts, a dinner series, and lectures). Artist Judith Ann Braun decorated the space with her charcoal-based work.

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On the main floor, men's and women's apparel is divided into two sides, with high-design materials like wood and steel and trendy gold light fixtures throughout. There's also a digital screen for discovering fitness studios (that's a mirror when not on), and the "concierge" will be on duty to help you book nearby fitness classes and find healthy restaurants in addition to helping with Lululemon purchases. A complimentary messenger service is also available to those who want to send their purchases to an address in Manhattan. (Alert your office mail room.)

And while Anderson says the new flagship shouldn't be compared to Lululemon Lab, Lululemon's concept design and retail space in Vancouver, which sells limited-edition merchandise and houses a team of designers and a manufacturing space, there have been lots of signs pointing to one of those coming to the city soon, too.


Racked reported that a Lululemon Lab will take over the former Eva Scrivo salon space on ultra-hip Bond Street, and an email blasted through the WeWork network (a communal workspace company) stated that Lululemon Lab was searching for fit models. For now, though, Lulu is staying mum on that front.

In the meantime, New York's going to be dishing out a whole lotta Luon. —Jamie McKillop

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