Lululemon Launches a New Brand—and It’s Not for You

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It's been a well-kept secret, but Lululemon is introducing a brand-new line of clothing, which is largely inspired by dance. Only the sizes run kind of small...

Lululemon for girls Ivviva Athletica
Hoodies from Ivivva Athletica, or Lululemon for girls

It's been a well-kept secret, but Lululemon is introducing a new brand of clothing.

The collection is largely inspired by dance—and includes structured leotards, colorful tights, and shrugs—plus layering pieces like hoodies, and lots of signature Luon pants.

Only none of them are for you.

The new line, called Ivivva Athletica, is aimed at a new audience—6- to 12-year-old girls, reports Investors Business Daily (the first place we look for fitness fashion updates!)

News to us, the mega apparel company has already test-marketed Ivviva in Canada (Lulu's home and native land) with three freestanding stores. While we won't be seeing Ivivva stores in the U.S. just yet, Amanda Casgar, Lululemon's Regional Community Guru, confirmed that the girls' line will be available online in time for the holiday season.

But why cater to the kiddies, and not, say, to us?

One obvious reason: Moms who typically clad themselves in head-to-toe Lululemon will buy their daughters the darling outfits.

And another: Because luring a young audience can heighten brand loyalty, speculates research analyst, Jennifer Milan. "If Lululemon can reach target customers at a young age, it can hold on to them as they get older and move to yoga and fitness training."

Getting girls get hooked on an adult fashion brand sounds like business as usual. Plenty of clothing companies see a teen or a children's line as an area for growth (hello Crew Cuts and Harajuku Mini).

The more disturbing matter is this: Will a generation of tweens and teens trotting around in chic Luon yoga pants, which closely resemble yours, interfere with your addiction? —Melisse Gelula

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