We Are Family: Massy Arias Finds a Way to Make Grueling Ab Work *Adorable*

Photo: Instagram/@massy.arias
If you're having trouble finding time to work out with kids running around, why not get the whole family involved? Insta-famous trainer Massy Arias (AKA MankoFit) found the perfect ab workout, which is just as adorable as it is effective.

In a recent Instagram video, Arias took a helping hand (or, in this case, torso) from her partner, fellow personal trainer Willy Beamen, for a challenging set of sit-ups. While their daughter Indira Sarai hung out on her dad's back giggling, the duo snuck a smooch every time Arias reached the top of her rep. Talk about workout motivation.

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That's not all, though: The duo then took their routine up a notch (or 10!) with a whole range of exercises that included squats—while passing around their little one as a weight!—and ab-blasting tap-backs.

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If you want to join the family workout fun but are baby-less, don't worry: Feel free to sub in your dog as a workout accessory, because that's a thing too.

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