This $45 White Dress Is a Dead Ringer for Meghan Markle’s Reception Gown

Photo: Getty Images/WPA Pool
If you instantly had Harry-level googly eyes the second you saw the custom reception gown Stella McCartney made for Meghan Markle to wear after the royal wedding, you're not alone. The entire world wanted to get their hands on it—and, unfortunately, that's kind of impossible considering the designer is only making 46 replicas, costing upward of $4,600 a pop (not exactly budget-friendly). But your wardrobe prayers have been answered: There's now a knockoff available for only $45.

According to Page Six, the gown—called the "Royal Debut Dress"—is being sold on Fashion Nova's website in sizes XS to 3X. Even though it's currently completely out of stock, it's worth the wait for it to come back again. The dress—which also looks a whole lot like the Alexander McQueen dress Tiffany Haddish has rocked multiple times in the past—has a silhouette that looks great on duchesses and hilarious actresses alike. "Often times, such a form-fitting dress can be tricky. This one, however, is universally flattering," stylist Rachel Pincus tells me. She says that the magic lies in a trio of fit-factors—the high neck, the long hem, and the cinch in the middle—which elongate the silhouette and make it work for every body type.

Because it's so flattering, it should come with a warning: Once you put it on, you probably won't ever want to take it off. And now you totally understand why Haddish isn't letting her piece collect dust in the back of her closet.

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