6 Traits All Middle Children Share

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Looking for ways to decode your personality and understand your emotions? You can take the Myers-Briggs personality test, read your horoscope, and learn about your birthstone—and, of course, take stock of where you fall in your family's birth order.

Your place in genealogical lineage, whether you're an oldest or only child, can majorly influence your personality. If you're a middle sibling, you already know that you possess special qualities to which only middle children can relate.

Keep scrolling to read some of the defining traits of middle children.


1. You're a pro at keeping the peace

What happens when you're biologically sandwiched between two siblings? You become really good at mediating those "Are those my black leggings?" arguments. As the voice of reason, you've become a soothsayer and adviser to everyone—both in and outside your family.


2. You find creative ways to get attention

As the middle child, your parents were often doting after your younger sibling or concerned about planning for the older one's future. So you did whatever was necessary to get your parents to notice you.


3. You've been known to be a tad melodramatic

The best way to get someone's attention is to be slightly dramatic, at least when you're the middle child, so you like to casually toss out hyperbolic phrases whenever possible. ("Those leggings are so cute I could die," for instance. Or, "That oatmeal bowl was the best thing I've ever consumed; I've literally never been more full.")


4. You've always been independent

You've had to learn to fend for yourself as a middle. Whatever—you're your own one-person army!


5. You know the importance of alone time

Your older sis was alone until you came along, and little bro ended up solo when you left for college, but never enjoyed that slice of peace-and-quiet heaven. Now, you cherish alone time. You make space for it in your life for self-care because you recognize its value in helping you recharge.


6. You have an easy time making friends

Maybe it was all of the attention-seeking high jinks or just your position as a natural mediator, but you can strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone, anywhere, any time—which might explain why your meal-prep squad is getting a little robust.

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