4 Most Efficient, Money-Saving Air Conditioners To Keep You Cool and Collected

Photo: Windmill
If you have an older air conditioner, you're more likely to end up with an eye-popping electric bill. Modern technology, however, has made significant strides to make the most efficient air conditioners more eco-friendly and economical.

To avoid wasting unnecessary electricity, look for Energy Star-certified air conditioners, that meet strict guidelines enforced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or U.S. Department of Energy, making them among the most efficient.

Other features to look for include digital thermostats, which turn your unit on and off once your desired temperature has been reached, as well as 24-hour timers that power your device down automatically, sleep modes, and Wi-Fi connectivity to control the air conditioner from afar.

4 of the most efficient air conditioners to buy

LG 14,000 BTU 115-V Dual Inverter Smart Window Air Conditioner — $549.00

There’s a reason this window unit is a best-seller. LG’s most efficient air conditioner features dual inverter technology, which cools better than traditional technology found in other units, saving you up to 25 percent on utility costs. It’s Energy Star certified, so it meets all the governmental requirements that ensure it’ll save you money. Other features include smartphone control, so you can regulate your temperature from anywhere, and ultra-low decibel performance to eliminate noise and distractions.

The Windmill AC — $395.00

This sleek window air conditioner looks as good as it cools while keeping money in your wallet. Rather than blowing air out from the center of the device, it blows up from the top, circulating air around the room to maximize efficiency. While most air conditioners only cool the air, Windmill’s also doubles as an air purifier, so you can save on powering a second, separate device all together. Instead, Windmill’s eco-friendly design features two filters: one that filters dust through a washable antimicrobial filter, and another disposable one that uses activated carbon to eliminate harmful pollution, like smoke and VOCs.

Midea U-Inverted Window Air Conditioner — $483.00

Midea’s U-shaped 12,000 BTU air conditioner offers a unique design that allows windows to be open and closed once it’s installed. So, those days where it’s warm enough to need airflow but not warm enough to need AC? Crack your window instead to bring down your energy bill. It’s Energy Star certified, maximizing your savings up to 35 percent, and nine times quieter than other models thanks to its U-shape, which puts the noisiest part of the machine on the other side of the glass. Like the other models, it uses Bluetooth technology for smart control and easy installation.

GE 115 Volt Smart Window Air Conditioner — $365.00

If you’re looking for a powerful air conditioner to cool small spaces on a budget, check out GE’s 8,000 BTU AC unit. It’s Energy Star certified, automatically using less power to run than other competitive models. It also features an energy-saving mode that uses a digital thermostat to shut the unit off once the room is cool enough, as well as a 24-hour on/off timer to help manage utility costs while you’re away. Other features include easy-mount technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and filter cleaning reminders.

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