My Studio Style: Robin Arzon

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Robin ArzonSwagger is Robin Arzon's word—and the lawyer-turned-sweaty-style icon really owns it.

"That swagger you have in life, bring it to the bike," she shouted to riders in a recent class at Peloton Cycle's New York City studio, where she did just that by teaching in leggings printed with Gustav Klimt's The Kiss painting, a sports bra that showed off the tattoos decorating her perfectly toned mid-section, a glittery gold bandana, bangles, and chunky rings on nearly every finger.

In addition to teaching at Peloton and coaching runners, Arzon runs multiple marathons and ultra-marathons each year and is currently training for a 100-mile bike ride with Gran Fondo in May and her first triathlon in July.

Oh, and she does all of that while rocking a perfect, never-smudged cat-eye and pulling off what she calls "1994 hip-hop style."

"I live at the intersection where sport meets fashion. I love bold color, graphics, and the Tupac bandana has been a staple for me since the '90s," Arzon says. "Strength and perseverance come from the fire in your belly, but fly gear stokes that fire every time."

Here are a few picks that are creating sparks for her, now. —Lisa Elaine Held

1. Mott Street Cycles Custom Fixed (Price varies) I live on my bike. And I really believe as far as fixed gear goes, Mott Street Cycles is it—you can customize almost any piece of it.

2.  Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit ($140) The Free has been one of my favorite models of Nikes for a minute. I especially like the light weight of it for track workouts and HIIT classes, like the monster sprints at workouts like Tone House. Plus, they're just sexy.

3. Black Milk Aurora Skye Leggings ($75) These leggings are my favorite of all time. The Black Milk brand is solid quality and the prints are simply fire.

4. Patricia Field Vogue Snapback Cap ($36) Snapbacks are essential for post-workout hair. Patricia Field is my go-to store in NYC and the VOGUE cap is my favorite. Patricia Field is for the chick who is unapologetically accessorized with an influx of color and downtown vibes.

5. ICNY Wave Logo Tank ($40) Reflective gear is having a moment. The hottest in the game is Mike Cherman's brand ICNY. It's practical to be seen by cars when I'm running and biking. Why not make them look twice?

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(Top Photo: Fred Goris, Photo of Arzon with bike: Audrey Amelie)

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