Use Myers-Briggs Compatibility Intel to Find Your Best Romantic Match

Ever wonder about who your perfect match may be? Of course you have. Humans are always in search of their other puzzle piece, aka the person with whom they'll build a loving, long-term partnership. Good news on that front: Myers-Briggs compatibility is totally a thing, and it offers some general rules about compatibility, specifically which of the 16 types typically get along to form a solid relationship. (Don’t know what your MBTI is? Read this first!)

There’s also, in my personal opinion, a “wild card” for each and every type; I've been studying the personality indicator for some time now, and once thing I've noticed about Myers-Briggs compatibility is a lot of types are attracted to people who are more different than similar. Sometimes the person can help strengthen your weaknesses is also a great match. Find out below which types might make a great better half.

Find out who your meant-to-be romantic partner is, based on Myers-Briggs compatibility.

The Guardians
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You’re most compatible with ESFPs and ESTPs, who tend to break you out of your shell and bring a dose of spontaneity into your life. You communicate similarly to these types, preferring details, facts, and a grounded worldview to abstract reasoning.

Wild card: ENTP or ENFP. These types could not be more different from you, but you may be drawn to what you lack. You sometimes wish you felt as comfortable pushing boundaries as they do.


ISFPs and ISTPs are your Myers-Biggs compatibility match, and they bring a quiet, carefree sense of balance to your carefully-structured, super-busy life. You can communicate in a direct and easy way, so your messages never get lost in translation.

Wild card: INTP. You may be drawn to their quirky humor, and love that you can truly help them. You’re someone who wants to connect with others first and foremost, and they need help building a human connections.


ESTPs and ESFPs help keep you social and active, fighting against your tendency to wall yourself off from others in favor of being responsible. This type-pairing also leads to easy communication, since you use similar grounded language.

Wild card: ENFP and INFP. You’re a bit afraid of your feelings, and a little bit walled off from the world. Both of these types are sensitive and expansive, which helps you experience more adventures and the full range of human feeling.


Since you need someone to give you a sense of balance and release at home, you’re most compatible with ISFPs and ISTPs. Usually those types will help you detach from the world and make the most of your free time. Beyond that, you will communicate clearly and effectively with someone who shares the “S” (sensing) trait.

Wild card: INFP. You may feel weirdly at home with this highly emotional type, who always knows exactly what they’re feeling. Since you struggle to access your emotions, their energy can help you grow.

The Artisans


You are most compatible with ISTJs and ISFJs. You're a free spirit who will try anything once, but these quiet, stable personalities will encourage you to do so in a smart, responsible way. You also communicate similarly, and will enjoy easy conversation with this type.

Wild card: INTJ and INFJ. These types are both master long-term planners, a skill you struggle with. You bring spontaneity and excitement into their life when they feel hesitant to try something new.


As a sensitive artist, you need someone like an ESTJ and ESFJ, who will bring structure to your world, inspire you to channel your creativity, keep you organized, and encourage you to keep strong friendships. You also speak a common language, that of grounded facts and clear details.

Wild card: ENTJ. A true Myers-Briggs compatibility mismatch, but a beautiful one, because ENTJs need help accessing their softer side, and you benefit from a partner so wildly ambitious to take your work to new heights.


You are most compatible with ISFJs and ESFJs, as you both tend to be brash and scattered, but with a big heart and boundless enthusiasm. These types complement you with a softer side and a need for extra love and care. You share a sensing trait, so you communicate clearly.

Wild card: INTJ or INFJ. This pairing is quite common. You learn from those who plan for the future and bring a fearlessness to the INXJ’s life that they find in few others.


You are an adventurer, who can easily slide away from the world for a while, which makes ESTJs and ESFJs great matches. They are great at respecting the unique needs of others while also creating great energy to come home to. You will also find it easy to talk to them.

Wild card: ENFJ. This type loves how grounded you are and how well you manage your emotions; you love that they are bold, confident, and enthusiastic, which is how you sometimes wish you were perceived.

The Idealists


Both INTJs and INFJs are mysterious and reclusive to the outside world—and that's exactly the type of person you love to explore to figure out what makes them tick. They are structured and encouraging, and easily able to understand your wild ideas.

Wild card: ISTJ. You sometimes feel you lack internal emotional stability, and ISTJs typically show a lot of emotional strength and fortitude. Having a rock can bring you a lot of peace.


You are most compatible with ENTJs and ENFJs. Both types provide the confidence to take risks, live bolder, and go after what you really want. Furthermore, their communication style lends itself to understanding your deepest feelings and needs.

Wild card: ESTJ. You’re extremely different, but they have a directness that appeals to you. You don’t always stand up for your thoughts and feelings, but ESTJs can show you how to do so with tact.


You share a similar sense of humor with INFPs and INTPs, but balance each other well; you love having someone to come home to after social time, and INXPs love having alone time and a great, supportive partner. You also understand each other’s ideas and needs, and you communicate well.

Wild card: ISTP. You are drawn to how carefree and stable ISTPs are. They teach you perspective, when to let things go, and how to adventure more often.


You are most compatible with ENTPs and ENFPs. You love their big ideas and wild hypotheses, and can easily banter with them. You ground them and bring a sense of future-planning, whereas they help you live more life by gently pushing boundaries (in directions you want to go).

Wild card: ESTP and ISTP. This type helps you live in the moment, instead of living in your head. This can feel like a breath of fresh air, given that so much of your life is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection.

The Rationalists


You have incredible discussions with ENFPs and ENTPs, and an easy mental camaraderie. They help force you out of your shell and allow you to live life more courageously, which fuels your ideas at work and makes you a more well-rounded person.

Wild card: ESTP or ESFP. These types have a free-spirited, live-in-the-moment approach, which helps you learn to feel and do instead of think.


According to Myers-Briggs compatibility, your matches are ENFJs and ENTJs, with whom you communicate similarly and balance each other well. You are sometimes so in your own world that you forget to bring out your ideas to the forefront; ENXJs are naturally driven thought leaders who will inspire you to go for your goals.

Wild card: ESFJ. Deep down, you just want to be loved and accepted, and to create a home with someone. ESFJs are the most accepting, empathetic type out there, and that’s a lure for your deepest desires.


You tend to need a mental companion as much as a physical one, and INTJs and INFJs help to center your thoughts while also telling you when you’re being unrealistic. Their introversion grounds you, as well.

Wild card: ISFJ. You love the shy, quiet, sweet types. Extremely resourceful, you may feel drawn to someone you can take care of, and the MBTI’s most sensitive type just may fit the bill.


Both INFPs and INTPs can be the easy-going counterpart for your high-energy, driven personality. They're capable of helping you find the humor in life and encouraging you to make time for deep reflection or personal relationships rather than just jobs and networking.

Wild card: ISFP. This type helps bring out a more sensitive, artistic side that you rarely show others, but often possess deep down.

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