You Can Save on These Popular Press-On Nails at Walmart—But They’re Selling Fast

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There's an epidemic manicure enthusiasts aren't talking about nearly enough: If you're a gel, dip, or acrylic devotee, despite how beautiful, confident, and *on-trend* these treatments can make you feel, they can also do a number on your nail health.

Maybe you're looking down at your hands right now nodding your head in agreement. Or maybe you've been wanting to give your nails a break, but haven't wanted to give up your favorite accessory. Either way, there's good news for you: Press-on nails are back in a big way, and they definitely aren't the same as the ones you awkwardly attached to your fingers in middle school.

The new era of press-ons could absolutely be mistaken for real-deal acrylic nails—for a fraction of the price and none of the damage. It's true: As long as you follow the directions for the application and removal process, press-on nails shouldn't compromise your nail health at all. And, they have the added benefit of being way easier to apply than giving yourself a regular DIY manicure, especially if you never quite managed to use your non-dominant hand without getting nail polish all over your fingertips.

If you're still hesitant to make the switch, now is the time to try them out while you can score them for a steal (along with hundreds of other self-care staples) at the Walmart Beauty Glow-Up Event, in stores and online between now and Sept. 24. We're sharing some of our favorite sets below, so go ahead and grab a few—before the budget-friendly, nail-saving secret is out.

Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure Cinna-Snap Press On Nails

Love a sultry nail (or subscribe to the viral red nail theory)? These cinnamon-red nails are for you. The almond shape can be filed down to your liking using the nail file included in the kit.

Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure Onyx-Pected Press On Nails

If you’re team cold weather all the way (sorry, summer), usher in cooler temps a darker mani. This shiny onyx set is begging to be paired with sweaters and boots. Or, you could save it until Halloween for spooky season vibes—hey, they are coffin shaped.

Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure French Twist Press On Nails

You describe your style as classic with an edge—and you want nails to match it. These French twist press-ons add some creativity to the standard French manicure with angular lines and black tips.

Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure Leaf Me Be Press On Nails

Can you feel the fall energy coming from these hunter-green nails? They were made for autumn lovers who can’t wait to pull out their flannels and watch the leaves change colors.

Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure Ride the Wave Press On Nails

Worried you’ll miss your nail tech’s fun designs? Don’t worry—Sally Hansen carries a bunch of sets with nail art, like this nautical-inspired pattern.

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