What to Watch on Netflix During Your Witchy Fall Women’s Circle

Photo: Stocksy/Jojo Jovanovic

Nothing feels like autumn more than PSL everything, hygge, and witchy matters of the occult. Engaging with people you love and cherish in safe and nourishing environments is a vital aspect of self-care. Your summer women's circles might have involved some outdoor dinner and dancing, but just because it's getting colder doesn't mean you have to put those hangouts on pause.

Set up your woo-woo decks, brew some adaptogen hot chocolate, and get your Netflix queue ready for your next cozy ladies' night in. Here's a look at some spooky entertainment you can stream while you bond.

Ready to cast a Netflix spell? Scroll down for 5 great witchy picks.


1. The Craft

Use this movie as a lesson in what not to do at your gathering. Still, it's nice to see a group of high school outcasts get together to take on their bullies...before it all goes to hell (literally).


2. Charmed

What makes this series so feel-good is that its characters band together for strength and unity. Alone, they're strong, badass witches, but when the sister-friends team up, they defeat the disproportionately large number of monsters, demons, and creatures wandering around San Francisco. Witchy teamwork makes the dream work (and also might help you live longer), folks.


3. The Twilight Zone

This forerunner to American Horror Story specialized in psychological thrillers. The frights are more metaphysical than jump-out-of-your skin terrifying, and the episodes are a short 20 minutes each, which means you can binge a bunch pretty quickly—meaning you'll have built-in time for other fun girls' night activities.


4. Practical Magic

This 1998 rom-com stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as sister witches from a Massachusetts town that harbors some serious prejudice against magic. Although the two grow up ignoring their witchiness, they learn to embrace it in order to save themselves and their families.


5. Coraline

The title character of this Tim Burton flick finds herself traveling back and forth between the real world and a parallel one in which a stray cat can talk and Coraline's mother is actually a demon with buttons for eyes. Even as she faces some terrifying things (like spiders), Coraline proves she's the one in charge by rising above her fears.

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