The Second Season of “GLOW” Is Coming Soon, and the Teaser Is Full of Retro-Fab Workout Inspo

Photo: Facebook/@GlowNetflix

When GLOW came to Netflix in June 2017, it hit a TV trifecta: endless retro activewear inspiration, complex female-led story lines, and fitness goals. And although you've had Alison Brie's intense workouts to keep you occupied during the time between binge-watching the first season and awaiting new episodes, Netflix just dropped a small scrap to sate your GLOW palate. It just rolled out a teaser for the upcoming second season—and revealed the release date.

The clip is loaded with neon colors, teased hair, leg warmers, and more bodysuits than a ballet class—in short, it's very ’80s fab—and follows the characters in an energetic lip-sync dance sequence in a locker room. But the video is more than just heavy barre-outfit propaganda (I don't mind, do you?) tied up in a dance-y workout. It also brings news of the release date for the show's second season: June 29.

Sure, that's more than two months away, but it's never too soon to schedule your next '80s-themed women's circle viewing party, right? And in the meantime, you have ’80s-inspired scrunchies to hold you (and your hair) over.

Check out the dance-heavy GLOW season two announcement video.


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