In the Follow-up to Its Internet-Breaking Colin Kaepernick Ad, Nike Features an All-Star Cast of Women

Nike celebrated its 30th anniversary for the launch of its iconic "Just Do It" campaign in fall of 2018 with the launch of Dream Crazyan ad voiced by former NFL quarterback and current activist Colin Kaepernick featuring notable (and quotable) lines like, "Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything," and, "So don't ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they're crazy enough." The campaign nearly broke the internet (thanks, mostly, to Kaepernick's involvement) and now Nike's continuing what the company calls in a press release "a year-long journey to inspire the next generation of athletes" by just doing something they've never done before: releasing a Just Do It ad spot that features a compilation of only female athletes.

Narrated by none other than Serena WilliamsDream Crazier will premier on television during the Oscars broadcast tonight. Among the full lineup of all-star athletes included in the spot is gymnast Simone Biles, fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad (the first Muslim woman to wear a hijab while competing for the U.S. Olympic team), snowboarder Chloe Kim, and members of the US Women’s National Soccer Team will be among them. You can watch the full, 90-second spot above.

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