3 Podiatrist-Approved Sandals To Buy Now From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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It's not uncommon to peer into your wardrobe and think that there's nothing—not one thing—to wear. If you find that your personal shoe selection is lacking/boring/in need of a summer refresh, I feel you. But here's the good news: A podiatrist is revealing just which of the sandals at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale—which begins on August 19 and runs through the 31—are worth buying. When the store's biggest sale of the year drops, it's prime time to stock up on some essentials for your shoe rack.

To help guide you through the many (really cute) sandals that have their prices slashed, Priya Parthasarathy, DPM, a board-certified podiatrist with the American Podiatric Medical Association, is revealing just which sandals she'd buy for both style and comfort. Keep scrolling to add to your cart.

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3 Nordstrom Sale sandals that are podiatrist-approved

Shop now: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Lily Wedge Sandal, $100 ($199 value)

Photo: Gentle Souls

Dr. Parthasarathy says that these are an ideal everyday sandal since they give you a good amount of support. "A little bit of a wedge is preferred over a completely flat [sandal] to take some pressure off of the Achilles and plantar fascia," she says. "It also has a cushion heel bed with arch support, which is a plus, and I like the soft material to accommodate for any foot deformities such as bunions and hammertoes." Another feature that gets the doctor's stamp of approval? The strap, which gives you stabilization at the ankle (and less of a risk of tripping over yourself).

Shop now: Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole Signature Gianna Wedge Sandal, $80 ($140 value)

Photo: Gentle Souls

Similar to the sandal above, Dr. Parthasarathy likes this pair since it gives your foot a low wedge and ankle stabilization with the strap. "The half-inch platform in the front distributes pressure and doesn't make the wedge as severe," she says. "And the footbed looks contoured and more supportive instead of completely flat."

Shop now: Vionic Bianca Suede Sandal, $90 ($140 value)

Photo: Vionic

For special occasions, reach for a heel like this one from Vionic. Note that Dr. Parthasarathy stresses the fact that she's not a heel fan, but this pair is your best bet to wear once in a while. "Vionics are known to have a very supportive footbed, and the suede is a softer leather that can expand to accommodate foot deformities," she says. In the world of heels, she prefers a stacked heel over a stiletto because it will more evenly distribute your foot pressure so that you have a wider base of support. The back strap is adjustable, which she likes for a more stable fit. Just maybe treat yourself to an at-home tennis ball foot massage after you take them off for a little bit of relief.

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