5 Times the Obamas Were the Definition of Relationship Goals

Photo: Instagram/@barackobama
Barack and Michelle Obama have been married for 25 years—and for 8 of those years 25 years, the former President and First Lady made health, wellness, and fitness a priority for our country and themselves.

Beyond all the power-couple feats they accomplish on the reg, the Obamas are also pretty much the definition of #relationshipgoals. (I mean, just look at this clip of the ex-POTUS singing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together.")

Curious about what true love (and some presidential social media PDA) really looks like? Check out some of the Obamas' most romantic moments, in honor of their silver wedding anniversary.Scroll below to see 5 of the Obamas' sweetest moments.

1. When Michelle wished Barack happy anniversary on Twitter

This morning, the former First Lady sent this sweet tweet—and throwback pic—to start the day on a sentimental note.

2. This flawlessly romantic Valentine's Day tweet

This tweet will turn you into a literal puddle of love and human emotion.

"You and I" #21Years

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3. This Instagram throwback from a few years ago

I mean, wedding photos are 70 percent of the reason Instagram exists (the other 30 percent is, of course, dogs).

4. When Michelle (and Sasha and Malia) sent Father's Day wishes

Keep in mind that the First Dad actually cried while dropping off his daughter at college. (I'm not crying, you're crying!)

5. This birthday message from Barack to Michelle

Being POTUS comes with a ton of baggage—especially when you serve for two terms. So when Barack thanked Michelle in just about 140 characters, you probably couldn't help but get emotional, because there's nothing better than reminding the ones you love just how much they're appreciated.

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