This Dad and Stepmom Biked Through 20 Countries to See Their Olympic Athlete Son Compete

Photo: Instagram/@guidohuwiler
How far would you travel to see a family member compete in the Olympics? Well, for Guido Huwiler and Rita Ruttmann—the dad and stepmom of Swiss freestyle skier Mischa Gasser—it wasn't a question of distance so much as intensity. The duo decided to make their journey to PyeongChang, South Korea, from their home near Zürich, Switzerland, the trip of a lifetime by spending the entire year leading up to the competition biking their way there, The Washington Post reported.

Throughout their trek to the Olympics, the duo rode 10,500 miles and passed through 20 different countries, seeing some of the world's greatest wonders from Italy and Turkey to Thailand and Cambodia. (And they obviously have the Instagram evidence to prove it). They even biked Pamir Highway, an international highway in Asia that boasts the second-highest altitude in the world.

The dad and stepmom to an Olympic freestyle skier biked 10,500 miles and passed through 20 different countries to get to PyeongChang, and they saw some of the world's greatest wonders along the way from Italy and Turkey to Thailand and Cambodia.

There were some instances whern they had to make small plane trips instead of biking due to travel rules and regulations, but their commitment to adventure is hard to beat—and not surprising at all to their son: "My dad is crazy," Gasser told Yahoo. "He was a skydiver as well in his younger age. It’s just what they have to do. They’re here for supporting us and our [Swiss] team. All the guys think it’s just great."

One they arrived at the in PyeongChang, their long journey was definitely worth it: Gasser had an impressive performance in the aerials competition, complete with plenty of flips and twists that resulted in him placing 11th for Final 1. He might not have taken home a medal, but one thing's for sure: With this much dedication supporting one another and chasing wanderlust, this family is definitely deserving of a healthy-relationships gold medal.

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