The Internet’s Favorite Underwear Brand Has Officially Gone Sustainable, and We’re Buying Every Color

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Intimates brand Parade consistently rolls out über-smooth and airy undies in a full spectrum of styles and colorways—and we're here for it. Parade's playfulness, thoughtful packaging, and inclusive sizing (XS to 3XL) has made its products beloved additions to many Well+Good staffers' dresser drawers. And that sentiment came well before the launch of Parade Universal, the brand's just-released collection of carbon-neutral, recycled, edgeless underwear. Needless to say, now there's even more to love about Parade.

For the Parade Universal collection, the brand cultivated a soft, body-hugging material out of Oeko-tex certified recycled fabrics, and offsets carbon emissions of every pair. That means that if you're looking for an undies refresh (and as a reminder, you want to update your collection about every six months) this is a uniquely sustainable way to do it.

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Photo: Parade

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  • Tamara Conlin, Tamara Conlin is the VP of Product Operations and Strategy for Parade, a sustainable underwear company.

"Through many means, including material and garment production as well as transportation, the fashion sector is responsible for an outsize portion of greenhouse gas emissions," says Tamara Conlin, Parade's VP of Product Operations and Strategy, who points out that the fashion industry is estimated to push out between 4 to 10 percent greenhouse gas emissions of the global total. (As a reminder, greenhouse gases—namely carbon dioxide—create the greenhouse effect, which traps heat close to the Earth's surface, leading to discrepancies in temperature that contribute to global warming.)

"It's our goal to make meaningful strides to do our part in reducing the overall carbon footprint made by the fashion industry." —Tamara Conlin, VP of Product Operations and Strategy, Parade

In other words, there's often a connective thread between building up your wardrobe and glaciers melting—but making conscious decisions about brands you support when you do an underwear reset can make at least a tiny bit of difference. "Through Parade's investments in carbon-reducing projects and actions we are taking to ultimately emit less carbon through our own production, we have offset carbon emissions created through the production and distribution of Universal," Conlin says. "It's our goal to make meaningful strides to do our part in reducing the overall carbon footprint made by the fashion industry."

And as a big bonus, Parade is doing that meaningful work while making a fashionable-looking product. Like all of Parade's garments, Universal comes in a number of vibrant shades and four styles: hip hugger, boyshort, thong, and brief. You can pick up a pair for $8 to $10 a pop, or you can opt for variety with the Universal Essentials pack ($34). It features all four cut in four poppy colors, so you get a full sampler of Parade's body-molding offerings.

As one final cherry on top, the edgeless factor means you'll be able to wear Universal beneath just about everything, even your most gotta-squeeze-in pair of leggings. Between the no-show aspect and a stretchability that contours to your body with ease, Universal is a picture-perfect name for the line. It was thoughtfully designed with the entire world in literally, but also in regards to different types of bodies. Why not do yourself a world of good and stock up?

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