Just a Friendly Reminder That Your “Power Suit” Is Whatever You Want It to Be

Photo: Getty Images/Eugenio Marongiu
For those of us still waiting for someone (anyone!) to invent the ensemble-generator Cher Horowitz fires up in Clueless, getting dressed in the morning is a real chore. What can I say? The blonde trendsetter would surely categorize me as a "fashion victim," thanks to my lack of color coordination and steadfast belief that leggings are better than pants. But if there's one thing the effortlessly chic Cher and I share, it's and affinity for the power suit.

Now, you won't catch me in a yellow plaid suit, but I do reach for the same pieces each and every time I need an extra boost of confidence. And here's the secret: a power suit doesn't have to be a suit at all. My power outfit consists of an '80s-style long sleeve T-shirt (which, bargain brag, I snagged for $5 at H&M) with a black wrap-around skirt lined with fringe. I select a pair of white sneakers from my embarrassingly large collection, throw on a leather jacket, and I feel ready to take on the world. It's not the coordinated blazer and trouser combination you'll find on Horowitz, Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the runway models of Paris Fashion Week, but it makes me feel like like the mightiest iteration of me.

A power suit makes me feel like like the mightiest iteration of me.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before actress Lana Candor told People that her choice garments for gassing herself up look a lot more like mine than sharply-angled business attire. "A leather jacket makes me feel very confident. I would say black jeans, a leather jacket and a statement T-shirt," she says. "This is something that makes me feel badass. I love shirts that have quotes. And then some great sneakers!"

I cling to the part about being a "badass" because I believe that all women need a reminder once in a while—no, every day—that we're powerful. Maybe that means sporting kicks on a first date, stealing a style tip from the Olsen twins, or wearing your favorite scrunchy every day of the week until you're really, really tired of it.  Classic suits are great, but a power suit that makes you feel the most like yourself is a revolution that every fashion-forward woman can get behind.

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