The 5 Most Quiet Blenders That Won’t Wake Everyone Else Up When You Make Early Morning Smoothies

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Smoothies are a breakfast favorite for many reasons. For one, they’re a quick and dirty way to provide the body with nutrients without much effort, hence why they’re so popular amongst those with ultra-busy schedules. They’re also a great way to mask the taste of nutritious yet gross-tasting ingredients like sea moss and spirulina, and can help you sneak more nutrients into your diet with the help of things like supplements and protein powder.

Here’s the thing about smoothies, though: They require blenders, which are loud. If you've ever woken up to the ear-piercing shriek of a blender you know the sound they make isn't exactly pleasant. That being said, not all blenders double as alarm clocks and there are some quieter options on the market that allow you to blend your fruit without creating a symphony of screeches. In an effort to make your mornings (and our’s, to be honest) more peaceful, we researched dozens of blenders to the quietest ones that won't wake your significant others or roommates up in the morning.

What to look for in a quiet blender

The tricky thing about shopping for quiet blenders is that most blender companies don’t actually share their product's decibel ratings online, making it difficult to see which *say*  they're quiet and which are *actually* quiet. That said, there are some other qualities you can consider to ensure a blender isn't a noisy nuisance.

Quiet covers

Many blenders with a quiet design come with quiet covers, which are exactly what they sound like — covers that get placed over the blender to help contain the sound. These are often removable, so you can choose to use the covers at times when running a blender is not entirely possible, such as in the early mornings or during nap time. Bonus: They double as a spray shield, keeping fruit, juice, and whatever else you're mixing up splattering all over the place. Quiet and clean? Yes, please.

'Quiet Technology'

Other blenders are manufactured with what many brands call "quiet technology” to help lower the decibel rating and, therefore, result in a more quiet blending experience. This varies from brand to brand, but is oftentimes a more powerful motor or blade arrangement, which can help pull the food into a vortex to liquify it opposed to traditional crushing.


Real-world testing is always beneficial, whether you want a regular blender or one that is a bit quieter. While not every website has product reviews available, the perks of shopping for quiet blenders on Amazon and other e-commerce websites is that customers can share in-depth reviews where they note how quiet the appliances actually are, plus other important factors like quality, how easy it is to use, and more.

5 quiet blenders that won't wake everyone up

Vovguu, Quiet Blender — $144.00

Originally $200, now $144

The Vovguu Quiet Blender is one of the most quiet blenders that exists. Albeit a little bulky, this blender is designed specifically to reduce noise by 37 percent compared to a standard blender, and Amazon shoppers agree that it’s not nearly as loud as others. Its quietness comes from the removal soundproof shield cover that actually covers the whole blender, not just the lid. It’s detachable, making it easy to take out the blending cup when you’re done making you’re smoothie and need to clean both pieces. “I love the blender. It’s absolutely incredible and as close to complete silence as you will ever get. I don’t even use the additional sound cover,” says one reviewer.

As for the blending cup, the 48-ounce glass is durable, long-lasting, and can make several smoothie servings in one go. Each blender also has 10 different functions so, in addition to smoothies, you can also make your own baby food, soup, nut milk, and more, all in the click of a button.


  • Includes a removable soundproof shield cover
  • Affordable
  • Powerful 4D blending system
  • 10 pre-set functions
  • Anti-paste protection in the blending cup for easy cleaning


  • Bulkier than most blenders
  • Heavy
Black+Decker, PowerCrush Digital Blender with Quiet Technology — $70.00

Originally $85, now $70

The Black+Decker PowerCrush Digital Blender With Quiet Technology is another ultra-quiet blender you can snag on Amazon Prime—and this one costs under $100.

This quiet blender is beloved for its muted sound and function, as it can crush frozen fruit and ice into a smoothie consistency without causing a scene.“I hate the ear-blasting sound of most blenders and, when I tried to find a quiet one, they were way too expensive—this one ticks both the quiet and the affordable box,” says one Amazon customer. That’s thanks to the brand’s “Quiet Technology”, aka, the blade configuration which pulls food down into a vortex to minimize disruptions. The blender comes with three different speeds plus a pulsing feature, has a functional lid with a pour spot, and also comes with an 18-ounce smoothie cup so you can take your blended fruit on the go. For a basic, no-frills quiet blender, it’s a solid bet.


  • Utilizes “quiet technology” for noise control
  • Affordable
  • Three speeds + pulsing feature
  • Includes a pour lid and to-go cup
  • Lightweight and sleek


  • No pre-set functions
  • Small
BlendJet, 2 Portable Blender — $50.00

Originally $100, now $50

If you’re someone who loves smoothies but also travels a lot (or someone who would prefer to drink their smoothie at the office), a travel blender is a must-have. The best travel blender is the BlendJet 2 Portable Blender, which also happens to be incredibly quiet, too.

I was first introduced to this blender while on vacation with a friend and was impressed not only by how quiet it sounded, but also by how easy it is to take on the go, whether you are on a trip or going to the office. This portable blender is USB-powered and features a small but mighty motor that blends ingredients to smooth perfection with a battery that lasts up to 15 blends. Additionally, this blender is also super easy to clean (just add water and soap, and whirl) and comes in lots of fun colors and patterns so you can make your smoothies in style.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet
  • Easy to clean


  • Small
  • Basic, no-frills design
Hamilton Beach, Professional Quiet Shield Blender — $180.00

For a quiet blender that can live on your countertop and be used for everything from soups to sauces to smoothies, we recommend the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender. This blender has rave reviews from Amazon customers for both its included “quiet shield” and also its versatility since it allows you to not only blend but also puree, crush, chop, and emulsify ingredients.

The blender on its own isn’t all that quiet, however, the quiet shield helps to completely mask the sound when in use. “The shield that goes over the mixer container and blade makes one heck of a difference,” writes one Amazon customer. “I can barely hear it in the second-story bedroom and our kitchen is almost directly below it with a large air vent that transfers sound like an amplifier,” they add. Ideal for the smoothie lover and the home cook, that shield essentially puts the blender into stealth mode, so you can make smoothies in the wee hours of the morning without worrying about waking others up.


  • Includes Quiet Shield
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Variable speed dial for custom blending
  • Four pre-set programs and a self-cleaning function
  • Includes tamper for thick ingredients
  • 5-year warranty


  • Expensive
Beast Blender — $165.00

Thanks to the Best Blender, you can have a quiet blender and a pretty blender. While it might look like a sculpture for your kitchen countertop, this stylish blender is so much more than its looks. According to Amazon customers, the blender is also incredibly quiet, makes the smoothest of smoothies, and is super easy to clean (which is a must for blenders).

“I thought my previous Breville blender was quiet, but this one is a whisper by comparison,” writes one Amazon customer. Another customer notes that the blender’s motor has more of a humming sound, which is easier on the ears. The blender also features a slender space-saving design and is made for convenience, thanks to its carrying cap, which attaches to the blending vessel and transforms it into an on-the-go smoothie jar.


  • Stylish
  • Quiet
  • Doubles as a to-go cup


  • Expensive
  • Not as versatile as other blenders

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