Quiz: What’s Your “Clueless” Athleisure Style?

Photo: Clueless
It's been more than two decades since Amy Heckerling blessed the world with Clueless, the iconic film that displays a rare combination of impeccable style (it's 2017—where is Cher's outfit-planning technology already?) and witty dialogue that sounds like real teens wrote it.

The girls of Bronson Alcott High School were clearly way ahead of their time for athleisure trends. The workout onesie may seem new, but, like, as if! Cher Horowitz was on it back in 1995.

Actually, since everything '90s is new again, the outfits seen in Ms. Stoeger's P.E. class are totally fashionable now. The only question is, who's your Clueless athleisure style twin?

Take the quiz below to find out if you're a Cher, Dionne, Amber, or Tai.

Pop culture lovers, let's have some fun: Are you more of a Carrie or a Miranda when you dress for a workout? What would the ladies of Game of Thrones wear to the gym?

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