Quiz: Who’s Your “Sex and the City” Athleisure Style Twin?

Photo: HBO
It's been 13 years since Sex and the City wrapped, but spending brunch debating who in your squad is a totally a Charlotte is still practically a national pastime. And while that discussion might never end (aren't we all a little bit of each main character?) their style is much more...divisive.

If the show were rebooted to reflect today's Manhattanites, the ladies might swap their Cosmopolitan-filled gossip sessions for a Pilates class or salt-room hang time. Still, the show had its fair share of activewear moments—everything from Samantha's yoga classes to Miranda's gym sessions.

No matter the activity, they were decked out in clothes that echoed their personal style, which means there's a way to decipher which Sex and the City character you are based on your athleisure preferences. So while question remains eternal (are you a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte?), the answer resides in your gym bag.

Take the quiz below to find out which SATC character you are.

The SATC crew would have been on top of this season's trend predictions and definitely would have hit up the Barneys pre-sale.

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