Quiz: What Should You Do During Your Next Chill Girls’ Night in?

Photo: Stocksy/Jovana Rikalo
Since the weather across the country consists of super-cold temperatures, gather your girl group and lean into it with a solid chill sesh—because it's no use even pretending anything beyond staying in and hygge-ing it up is realistically on your docket.

But, what should you actually do with your #squad once you're all ensconced in soft fabrics, with turmeric lattes in hand? Should you (try to) paint each others nails? Communally search for the best memes? The options are endless (especially since your favorite healthy food items are available for two-hour delivery).

This quiz will take some of the heat off the activity-planning game to help you figure out how to spend your next healthy and chill-as-winter girls' night in.

Don't forget the snacks! Stock up for your girls' night in with some new vegan Ben & Jerry's flavors and SoulCycle x Milk Bar protein-filled cookies

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