3 (Super-Cute) Love Rules for Anyone in a Relationship, According to Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman

Photo: Instagram/@rachelzoe

Power couple Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman have been together for 26 years—they’ll be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in February 2018—and they’re still bananas about each other. (When I sat down with them at the launch event for LG’s new line of QuadWash dishwashers, they had the kind of easy, finish-each-other’s-sentences banter that makes for maj #relationshipgoals.)

A decade in the public eye—and even longer spent rubbing designer-draped elbows with Hollywood A-listers—can make even the most smitten duo become jaded. But Zoe and Berman’s love is as obvious as the designer’s obsession with oversized sunglasses. So how do they keep it real?

It all comes down to three rules they live by. (I promise they’re easier to replicate than Zoe’s chic wardrobe.)

Here's how Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman keep their relationship strong after a quarter century together.

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman relationship advice
Photo: Instagram/@rachelzoe

1. Show your love with small gestures

Zoe and Berman both admit that Zoe loves sparkly gifts, but there’s a much less expensive way to her heart. “A true act of love would be me getting her Starbucks in the morning,” Berman says.

“It’s the little things,” Zoe agrees. “But I do love jewels....”

2. Don’t let anger linger.

Every relationship has its moments of conflict—and Zoe and Berman’s is no exception. But when the two do fight, whether it be over household chores (Zoe says she hates when Berman forgets to take out the garbage before bed) or ordering too much food for a party, they never stay mad for long.

“We don’t really go to the grave with anything.”

“I talk things out,” Zoe says. “I think we just deal with it. And anyone that knows us really well would say that our recovery rate is the shortest recover rate they’ve ever seen. We recover in three to five minutes. We just kind of forget about it—that’s what happens after a million years together.”

“I think that’s one of the things that has kept us sort of sane,” Berman adds. “We don’t really go to the grave with anything.”

3. Anticipate one another’s needs

Zoe and Berman say that a huge reason why their relationship works is because they know each other so well. “We take care of each other,” Zoe says. For example, she knows Berman tends to get hangry when his blood sugar drops, so she always keeps snacks for him in her purse.

“And I’m always freezing on an airplane, but I would never really think of packing socks because I don’t ever wear socks,” Zoe says. “But he’ll always pack an extra pair of little black socks because he knows that I don’t have any.”

So cute, right? I die.

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