This Simple Ritual Is the Key to Building Healthy Friendships

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"On your path of personal growth, you're going to meet so many inspiring people," says Well+Good Council member and Mama Glow founder Latham Thomas. But…*then* what? Here, she shares how to keep those relationships growing—and it all begins with a "confession" that can change your friendships for the better.

On your path of personal growth, you're going to meet so many inspiring people. Instead of just hanging out at By Chloe for two hours, though, you can create more powerful connections by saying, "Let's support each other and help each other activate."

One good way to do that is through a support group, a mentoring program, a sister circle, or even the buddy system. You come together. You ignite each other. You hold each other accountable. Together, you can come up with your own seed goals and help one another dream on the expansiveness of what they could look when they play out. If you're into it, make sure you show up; whenever somebody doesn't show up, it weakens the collective.

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Another powerful, bond-strengthening tool is a ritual that I call Confessions of Light. It's an opportunity to talk about inspiration and to acknowledge the people who have made your life better and more beautiful. This practice allows us to give gratitude and take stock of how blessed we are. It also makes this army of angels that we've ignited around us to feel appreciated.

Here's how it works. Let's say you've been engaging in Well+Good's (Re)New Year program. You can say something like, "I've been part of this five-week program and it's been opening me up. I want to share that I appreciate you because you've helped me with X, Y, and Z." The tiniest thing can be so helpful and meaningful.

Who might need to hear from you, and how will you use your influence to inspires others?

Take out your journal, think about the following questions, and make a short list of the people who you want to "confess" to. Think about how they've been influential in your life. Think about who in your universe needs a push. Who might need to hear from you, and how will you use your influence to inspires others? You can do it through a phone call, an Instagram post, a greeting card—anything you want.

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If you can do that, here's what happens. It makes you feel gratitude, and it makes the people you're thinking about feel loved. They might even be inspired by your own personal growth! Opening communication lines and showing your appreciation begets more appreciation—and more vulnerability, too. It's an opportunity to be an example and to impact others in your life without forcing anything on them. If people see you living your life with excitement and positivity, that's enough. Be that. Focus on being light and cultivating that in others.

And when people around you take positive steps toward a fuller, healthier life… support that! Celebrate that! Whether you're just beginning to actively explore spirituality or you've been doing it for years, the best way to move forward is to have community around you, to activate, to be a blessing, and to practice Confessions of Light.

Latham Thomas is a master manifestor and the founder of Mama Glow, a healthy gal's guide to actualization in the modern world. Her second book, Own Your Glow, was recently published by Hay House Inc. 

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