Could This Robot Snuggle Buddy Revolutionize Your Shut-Eye Routine?

Photo: Somnox
Spooning a robot while dozing to sleep may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but there's one in particular that could actually become the snuggle buddy of your tech-enhanced dreams.

While the new Somnox sleep robot may not look like much, the oversize, bean-shaped pillow is more than just a huggable companion. Made to help you doze off—especially if you deal with insomnia—the robot aims to relax you by naturally synchronizing your breathing with its own slow, meditative rhythm, which research has shown can help reduce stress and induce sleep.

Made to help you doze off, the robot naturally synchronizes your breathing with its own slow, meditative rhythm.

The Somnox doesn't just stop at assisting your breathing regulation, though—it can also play any sound you want, whether that's your favorite guided meditation, lullabies, white noise, or something you uploaded yourself. Basically, between the comforting cuddling aspect and the calming noises, you'll drift off before you can even start counting sheep—at least, that's the idea behind this new accessory in the a highly trending landscape of high-tech sleep products.

Unfortunately, having your own sleepy-time robot doesn't come inexpensively. According to Fast Company, Somnox finished its first Kickstarter campaign last month, raising about $240,000, and now you can preorder your own snuggle robot for nearly $600. So if you're not interested in dipping into your savings quite yet, consider adding more fish to your diet, diffusing calming essential oils, like lavender, in your bedroom, or taking a magnesium supplement. All have been shown to promote a healthy sleep schedule. Sweet dreams!

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