This 4-in-1 Vibrator Is the Dyson Airwrap of Sex Toys, and Each Attachment Is Better Than the Last

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I’ve reviewed a lot of sex toys throughout my career. Like, a lot. Most recently, I rounded up the best toys for people with penises, also called strokers and masturbators. Wearable vibrators, erotica books, handcuffs, personal lubricants—if it brings you pleasure, I’ve probably written about it at one point or another. My point is: when it comes to sex toys, I’ve pretty much seen it all—or so I thought, until I feasted my eyes on the Satisfyer Marvelous Four ($120). It’s essentially the Dyson Airwrap of vibrators, in my humble opinion, because the titular “four” alludes to the number of interchangeable heads this vibrator features.

Over the course of a few weeks, I took each of the heads for a spin (no pun intended.) I dedicated a whole day to each attachment, using most for solo play but also one during partnered sex. Since the toy is labeled as waterproof, I even used an attachment in the shower.

Scroll for my full take on the Satisfyer Marvelous Four, which really is marvelous.

First impressions of the Marvelous Four

The Satisfyer Marvelous Four arrived in a light-green box with the four pastel-colored attachments photographed on the exterior and neatly lined up next to each other inside. There’s a pink air pulse simulator (aka, a clitoral suction toy), a light-blue rabbit vibrator, a pink wand vibrator, and a yellow traditional vibrator that’s anal friendly.

Satisfyer, Marvelous Four — $120.00

Each toy comes with four interchangeable attachments, including an air pulse simulator, wand massager, rabbit vibrator, and traditional vibrator.

Each attachment is super lightweight and exceptionally soft to the touch, thanks to their safe, silicone bodies—which are so smooth that I can only describe them as “buttery.” Moreover, it was quite simple for me to interchange the heads, which I did by inserting each into the powered base and then rotating it 90 degrees, clicking it into to get a secure handle on it.

Speaking of the vibrator’s base, it's important to note that this is the toy’s battery, but not the motor. Instead, the motor lives inside each of the individual attachments. “Targeted, strong vibrations are pre-programmed, always exactly where you need them,” says the product page. “You have a total of 12 vibration programs at your disposal, [but] the pressure wave vibrator has 11 different intensities.” To power it on, simply hold down the plus-sign button for a few seconds. You can increase or decrease the intensity through the plus-sign and minus-sign buttons, respectively.

I appreciate that the Marvelous Four’s packaging recommends using each attachment in three to five different positions, a reminder to explore and figure out what feels right for you. For example, it suggests inserting the rabbit vibrator from behind. (You can find that info on the left side of the box.)

And now, a closer look at my experience with each of the four attachments, starting with the air pulse simulator.

Air pulse simulator

Remember when I said I used one of these bad boys in the shower? A few days after receiving the Marvelous Four, I tested the clitoral suction head under those conditions to make sure it was, in fact, waterproof. To my delight, it passed the inspection.

I’m a big fan of clitoral stimulation and clitoral orgasms, so that’s why I opted to go with this first. Something to note: the clitoral head is almost one- inch down the shaft of the toy, which made it kind of hard for me to find my groove. I had to use my left hand to bring my clitoris out a little more, but that became a bit easier and more pleasurable as I went. (Which makes sense, considering the clitoris enlarges when you’re aroused.) Other than this, the sensation is quite enjoyable and orgasmic in every sense.

Rabbit vibrator

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the rabbit component of the Marvelous Four is a six-time Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics. The flexibility! When I used this head, I was able to stimulate my clitoris pretty much from any angle. The rabbit “ears” bend any which way—including a full 180 degrees, should you ever need that.

When I used this attachment, I started with just the rabbit portion, which initially provided a moderate vibration before getting more intense. Then, after applying a little bit of water-based lube on the toy, I inserted its six-inch shaft into my vagina. It’s a bit on the smaller side in terms of circumference, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Despite its lack of girth, it’s still quite powerful, especially as it works in tandem with the rabbit.

Wand massager

About six months ago, I did a week-long masturbation experiment, and a certified sex therapist advised me to be extra mindful of,“what different touches to the different parts of the body do for you.” I thought this massager offered the perfect opportunity to do just that. I’d not tried a massager as a sex toy before, even though I had used it as an actual massager.

When I first clipped on this head, it struck me how comparatively small it was to other wand vibrators in my (sex) toy chest. It measures about five inches from the tip to the attachable base, and the diameter of the tip is about one-and-a-half inches. Don’t be fooled by its petite form, though. The massage head is the paragon of “tiny but mighty.”

I started the massager on my neck before running it down my chest and holding it just close enough so it was only slightly touching the top of my nipples. I highly recommend taking this approach as it provides stimulation in other parts of the body that may be neglected. The initial vibration is also soft, but as I increased it, I could feel the dissolution of some of the small knots on my neck. This light-purple attachment is also a power player when it comes to clitoral orgasms, which gets it an A in my book.


Though the Marvelous Four’s vibrator attachment is anal friendly, I did not use it as an anal toy because it seemed a little too large for my personal taste. It also has a slight curve, which was great for vaginal insertion but, again, too intimidating for me to try in my butt.

I used the light-yellow vibrator during partnered sex, where my beau first used it to stimulate my nipples before heading south to my clitoris. This was all pleasurable, and the lower vibrations were mild enough to offer a bit of teasing instead of full-on pleasure on both of the aforementioned areas.

Eventually, my partner inserted the vibrator in my vagina and I could feel the intensifying vibrations from within. Since this doesn’t have the rabbit portion, there wasn’t much for my clitoris, but it still felt really good. Combined with my own hand, it felt amazing.

Final thoughts

There really isn’t much not to like about the Satisfyer Marvelous Four, so I have to be nit-picky. My one complaint is that it doesn’t come with any type of storage for the vibrators, so you’ll need to purchase something if you want to take them out the box. Seriously, though, that’s extremely minor.

All of that said, for a little over $100, I don’t think we’re going to get a better bargain. All attachments are soft, aesthetically and physically pleasing, and easy to clean with soap and water or sex toy cleaners. Each attachment is more orgasmic than the last. The Marvelous Four is as marvelous as its name suggests, and considering it’s technically four vibrators in one, I can’t think of a better, more bang-for-your-buck deal.

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