5 Sex Subscription Boxes That Deliver Orgasms (and Intimacy) to Your Front Door

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When things start to get a little stale in the bedroom, you have options. You can buy a new toy, play a sexy game, or even enlist common household objects to mix things up. But sex subscription boxes are so great because they do the hard part for you, delivering the sexual creativity you didn't know you were lacking right to your front door.

Candice Smith, sex educator and founder of Tango (previously the Kink Kit) says that her desire to design a sex-based subscription arose from her own lack of sex education.  "I grew up without sex education and didn't have any healthy intimacy modeled for me in my family," says Smith. "Even though I went to Harvard for sexuality studies, it didn't translate to success in relationships. I didn't know how to talk about sex, pleasure, or what I wanted, and ended up struggling for years in a sexless relationship."

Intimacy research has found that couples who learn to talk about sex have better sex. "But the problem is that we aren’t taught how to keep intimacy healthy and passionate," says Smith. "So I decided to create Tango to help start the intimate conversation and spark a playful passion for couples." Other companies have done the same.

5 sex subscription boxes that keep things hot and steamy

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Tango offers two types of boxes: "connection" and "sexploration." True to their name, the sexploration box sends something that requires a new perspective on your current sexual pursuits. Control, restraint, and spank are all on the menu.


Unbound sells gifts and sets to suit many bedroom palates. Their "Level Up" set, for example, features tape, spikes, hand cuffs, tethers, and more.

3. THE BIG OH BOX, $89 per quarter

This subscription lets you choose your toy of choice... then tacks on five to nine extra items designed to surprise and delight. If you want a sex subscription box that keeps you on your toes, Big Oh is most definitely for you.

4. FADOODLE BOX, $40 per month

Can I just say that I love the name of this monthly box? Fadoodle offers two options: the partner box and the partner plus box. Like the Big Oh Box, you pick your toy of choice and Fadoodle chooses a bunch of other fun items to send your way along with it.

5. INTIMATE POSTAL, prices vary

Intimate postal offers several different types of monthly boxes that are all mysterious. Apart from a short, vague description, you'll be left to guess what could possibly be inside.

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