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I’ve Tried Thousands of Dollars of Sleep Tech and This Pillowcase Is the Only Thing That’s Helped Me Sleep Through the Night

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Can't sleep? The wellness world has a seemingly endless number of solutions to help you get through the night. There are meditations, militant bedtime routines, calming teas, and the list goes on and on. As a lifelong insomniac, I've tried them all, and while I love my fancy cooling mattress and sleepytime teas, the one thing that's truly helped me fall (and stay!) asleep is a set of Slip Silk Pillowcases ($89).

For what it's worth, people had been trying to sell me on silk pillowcases for, like, a decade before I finally decided to give them a chance. Derms and hairstylists have long touted the benefits of sleeping on silk, because the fabric can purportedly help to prevent wrinkles and acne, protect against frizz, and keep your blowout intact. While all of these things are undoubtedly great, they weren't enough to convince me that it would ever be worth spending $89 on a pillowcase. What got me over to the other side, though, was when I actually had the chance to test one out for myself (FWIW: I fell asleep in my mom's bed, which is decked out in silk pillows).

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My nightly routine has historically consisted of spending 45 minutes tossing and turning to find the coolest and most comfortable spot on my pillow, then repeating this process in the middle of the night whenever I (or my dog) had to get up to pee. But with silk pillowcases, literally, every spot is cool and comfortable, which means I'm ready to fall asleep the minute I get into bed. I've had the same budget pillows for the last five years, and now that they're swathed in silk, it makes me feel like I'm cozying up in a luxury hotel bed every single night.

To be clear, there is quite literally zero science behind any of this, but there's something about the experience of swathing my skin in silk that helps me pass out right away. Maybe it's the fact that there's no friction between my face and the fabric (which means I can slide around on it easily) or that it's more cooling than my usual cotton blend, or simply that it's hella comfortable—but whichever way you slice it, I'm in love and I'm never, ever going back. Figuring out how to sleep better can be a highly personal journey, but now that I've found what works for me, every single night has been a dream.

Seriously—I've tried *everything* for better sleep. Check out my journey, below. 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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