The Hygge Lounge Staple That Doubles As the Ideal Party Outfit

Photo: Getty Images/Oleg Breslavtsev
Any social outing that requires changing out of my cozy loungewear is a chore during the winter. It's so cold and I find it hard to look cute or even just presentable when all I want to do is swathe myself in layers of chenille. But this year I've found a solution that makes anyone look chic and put together—while essentially allowing you to leave the house in pajamas: the slip dress.

A slip dress is, in my opinion, the most important wardrobe staple of hygge season. They are either literally pajamas or as comfortable as sleepwear (which, is equally as good, to be honest). Plus, these types of slinky sheaths are so easy to style.

Really, it just comes down to individual preference. Personally, I like to layer it over mesh and lace tops or a black turtleneck. If I'm already lounging in a slip dress, however, and need an easier way to convert the outfit, I'll throw on a sweater or cardigan. Depending on the temps, bare legs might be fine, but you can also add an extra layer of warmth with patterned tights, crew socks, and (to be entirely on trend) hiking boots.

To create your I-very-elegantly-rolled-out-of-my-boudoir look, you can transition any nightgown slip you have lying around, or you can get your hands on one specifically meant for wearing out of the house (i.e. a version that isn't too sheer or too short). With the right planning, you too can spend the entire season in nothing but PJs and hygge wear. Here are 10 slips dresses to check out if you're in need of inspo or a last-minute outfit.

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