There’s a Store Devoted to Cleaning Sneakers—and It’s Genius

Photo: Instagram/@jasonmarkk
Sure, there are shoe shiners, shoe repair shops, and even the old "throw your shoes in the wash with a tennis ball" trick, but there hasn't been a professional cleaning service dedicated to your sporty sneaks in New York City—until now.

Enter Jason Markk, a Los Angeles-based store that specializes in rehabbing those Nikes and Adidas sneakers you're spending most of your time in—meaning those pristine, white kicks can remain spotless.

After a highly successful West Coast run, the genius store is preparing to open a New York City pop-up on June 25, with a crew of highly skilled SCTs (you know, Sneaker Care Technicians).

Similar to the menu you'd see at beauty salon, the store offers a full range of services, from deep undersole-cleaning and insole deodorizing to a lace refresher, all ranging between $5 and $65 for the most premium package. The SCTs carefully study each sneaker's fabric and make, figure out the source behind any stains or grime, and provide cleaning techniques specific to each pair—using 98 percent natural ingredients, at that.

The NYC pop-up will run until June 30, so if you're in the area be sure to grab a pair (or five) and drop them off to get your shoes in sparkling shape.

While the genius service is only in LA and NYC (for now), we're dying to know: How do you keep your sneakers clean?

Jason Markk pop-up shop, June 25-30, Footaction Store: 22 East 14th St., New York, NY 10003, (212) 627-6418,

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