This Is What Well+Good Readers Think About Sugar

Congrats, you’ve decided to watch your sugar intake! Except, what does the term “added sugar” mean again? Why do nutrition labels feel like they’re written in code? And what, exactly, is the deal with salad dressing?

It’s official: Sugar is confusing. That’s why we teamed up with siggi’s yogurt to survey you, Well+Good readers, on what you know—and don’t know—about the sweet stuff.

Here’s what more than 2,000 of you reported: While over 80 percent of you want to cut back, you aren’t sure how. And as for the maximum recommended daily intake, 68 percent weren’t sure.

To help you out, we put together the ultimate myth-busting guide. Bookmark it for all of your sugar-question needs ASAP!

In partnership with siggi’s 

Photo: Stocksy/Mauro Grigollo

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