9 Comfy ‘Booksmart’-Inspired Jumpsuits That’ll Earn You an a+ in Summer Party Style

Photo: Francois Duhamel / Annapurna Pictures
For the uninitiated, Booksmart follows two overachieving besties who try to jam-pack a last chance at high school revelry into a single night after having spent years playing things, well, by the book. Spoiler alert: They're as successful in their party endeavor as they undoubtedly were on their AP tests—perhaps most notably in their #lewk for the night out. Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) end up styling themselves like badass Ghostbusters in comfy AF jumpsuits and sneakers. Some might call that an ill-informed fashion faux pas or just like, "a real chore if you need to pee." But I, for one, am here for it because when you're ready to eschew the JOMO and be a high-performing social butterfly, nothing says you're ready to kick ass, take names, and make some memories like a cool jumpsuit.

An all-purpose jumpsuit is the outfit for ambitious doers who prioritize function above all. Done right, it's work-appropriate, errand-appropriate and gym-appropriate. It communicates that you're crawling out of your introvert shell and you're doing just fine. Sure, a case could be made for cute floral sundresses being the summertime party go-to, but the one-piece look encompasses enough visual interest that it doesn't even need a wacky print to jazz it up. It is the strong and silent type that means business—even if the business at hand is a good time.

Sure, the summer jumpsuit can be accessorized with funky belts, heeled metallic sandals, giant gold hoops—you name it. But honestly? Confidence and maybe a pair of converse sneakers are all you need in order to roll up to your next social event like a boss.

Rounded up below are nine all-star picks for your summer-jumpsuit party edit. And, duh, Molly and Amy's is included (it's an über-affordable and unexpected Amazon find). It's hardly coincidence that two fiercely feminist teens would seek to emulate the aesthetic of Rosie the Riveter. "We can do it," indeed.

Beyond casual parties, jumpsuits can get you through wedding season and yoga class alike.

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