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You’ll Want To Wear This Under-$100, Work-to-Couch Sweatsuit 24/7

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Eating pizza for breakfast (or cereal for dinner), starting your workday from bed, and taking a mid-afternoon exercise break have all become normal and acceptable parts of our routines, which means that "daytime" and "nighttime" outfits are now one in the same. And if you're looking for something that will carry you through all 24 hours of your day—including Zoom meeting and yoga flowsThe Ugg Fallon Set has got you covered.

Ugg Grey Heather Fallon Set

Ugg Navy Heather Fallon Set

The set is technically a sweatsuit, but it doesn't come with the usual "schlump" factor that's come to be associated with the style. It's made from the type of cloud-cozy fabric that will have you begging whoever is allowed to get within six feet of you to touch it and see how soft it is for themselves. What makes it great is that thanks to the knotted detailing at the waist and ankles, it really feels like an outfit—and not just one that you'll want to lounge in horizontally on the sofa. It's lightweight enough that you can wear it for low-impact workouts without having to worry about getting extra sweaty, and its low-draping scoop neck makes it perfect for dressing up with a few layered necklaces so that you can trick everyone on Zoom into thinking actually got dressed for the day.  Since it comes with a top and a bottom, you won't have to think twice about finding something that matches when you roll out of bed every morning. And yes: It is comfortable enough to sleep in. Bonus: The suit comes in two colors.

If your UGG slippers have long been your wear-everywhere choice of footwear, consider this the outfit equivalent that will get you through the day (and night).

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