S’well Is Selling a $1,500 Swarovski-Crystal Water Bottle—for a Good Cause

Graphic by Abby Maker for Well+Good
Ready to meet quite possibly the most sparkly water bottle ever? S'well just released a version that's encrusted from top to bottom with more than 6,000 pink Swarovski crystals. Yep, that's about as glam as it gets.

The Swarovski Brilliance Jolie bottle—which you can buy online for a cool $1,500—pairs its hefty price tag with a worthy cause for Breast Cancer Awareness Month: According to S'well, 100 percent of net profits on the limited-edition bottle will support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Want to aid a philanthropic mission while glitzing up your hydration game—but at a lower crystal count (i.e. price point)? There's another way to give back: BKR just released its own Swarovski-crystal-adorned option for $185. Each bottle in the 500 Collection features more than—you guessed it—500 crystals, and 100 percent of net profits benefits Water for People, an org that brings safe drinking water to underdeveloped parts of the world.

Both options are no doubt ultra-luxe ways to fuel your water-bottle obsession, but they'll do more than make you stand out at the gym (your impressive weight-lifting game already had you covered in that arena anyway). I mean…hydrate from a crystal-bedecked bottle and simultaneously better the world? Win, win.

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