The Genius Way to Use Tan France’s Signature Zhush to Next-Level Your Workout Style

Photo: Getty Images/Gabriel Olsen
Because this is a safe space, I'm going to start by admitting that I've never watched an episode of Queer Eye despite the Netflix Original Series being a great source of happiness around Well+Good HQ. (Call it JOMO, but I'm trying to save it for the right moment of binge-watching bliss.) So, when I first heard that the show's style guru Tan France was a big fan of something called a French Tuck, I had to Google it.

I quickly learned two things: 1. If Tan France had a spirit animal, it would clearly be a silver fox. Have you seen the man's salt-and-pepper pompadour? And 2. The French Tuck is the perfect workout style hack for fitness junkies—especially those who are partial to yoga or Pilates—because it has all the off-duty, didn't-really-think-about-it cool factor of a knotted shirt, yet it won't get in your way when moving between exercises that require you to lie on your front and back. Better still, it'll keep your shirt from winding up somewhere around your shoulders while doing planks to pikes or inversions.

Mastering the technique is simple. Tuck the bit of fabric just below your belly button into your waistband.... It doesn't get much more French girl-approved, DGAF than that.

The slight definition at the waist doing so affords is more flattering when you're wearing boxier shirts like baggy long sleeves and graphic tees than letting it all hang out. Same goes for the breezy tank you might be throwing on over your cropped sports bra right about now.

Outside of the gym, apply the styling tip to your skinny jeans and going out tops or oversized silk shirts. It'll offer just the right amount of je ne sais quoi to just about any look.

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