This Is the High-Vibe Space of Your Dreams

Photos: Jaime Baird

Taryn Toomey's The Class is famously difficult to categorize: One minute you're ab-twisting to Michael Jackson and the next you're having the sort of ultra-cathartic emotional release that usually only happens in your therapist's office. The fitness experience (don't let the name fool you, it's so much more than just a class) leaves you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually recharged.

And without a space to call her own since launching in September 2013, Toomey's impossible-to-explain workout was even harder to describe. But finally, the fitness phenom has her first studio in Tribeca—officially opening Thursday, January 26—and Well+Good has a first look of the stunning space.

To call it high-vibe would be an understatement: From the moment you step into the third floor space—greeted by a "terrarium" of crystals peeking out from a wall cutout—you feel instantly at ease. (The pink-gray color palette helps, too.) The attention to detail is impeccable, with gorgeous marble slabs, pendants framed like works of art, candles flickering from corner to corner, and crystals everywhere (yes, even in the floors). In other words, this long-awaited, energetically balanced studio does not disappoint.

Toomey's new home base fits well with the hard-to-pin-down workout it houses: part boutique fitness studio, part chic wellness haven (there's a small-but-impeccable collection of curios for sale), with a little bit of dream apartment vibes thrown in.

Ready for some major high-vibe decor inspo? Here's how the designers created The Class' new space (along with exclusive images).

Photo: Jaimie Baird

A space that feels like home (but better)

Toomey didn't just want to capture the energy that The Class offered; she wanted to make sure people loved spending time at the studio. So she approached it like you might when taking on a home design project.

First she enlisted people whose opinions she trusted—in her case, two of The Class regulars, Elizabeth Kohn of Elizabeth Kohn Design and Rashia Bell of The Gray Box Group (together they have a collaborative design firm called The Cristalline—pun likely intended)—to help execute her vision.

Her second task: Creating a Pinterest board filled with dreamy inspo. (Sound familiar?)

But what started as #goals soon turned into reality: After falling hard for a striking metal light fixture by Christopher Boots that Toomey discovered on the virtual inspiration board, she reached out to the Australian-based designer to praise his work. (Via Instagram, natch.) They hit it off, and a few days later he was in New York City, dropping into one of her classes.

Fast-forward 15 months, and now a fixture of his is hovering above the check-in desk. "That's such a testament of Taryn's entire life," says Bell. "She sees something, dreams of it, and it manifests itself." In other words: That Pinterest board you've been building up for weeks is more than just a procrastination tool.

Photo: Jaime Baird

A crystal wonderland

Like any high-vibe space, crystals are a key design component throughout the studio. (Toomey, of course, is no stranger to them, with her own line of celeb-fave gemstone necklaces.)

Starting with a crystal terrarium at the entrance (yes, really), the space is filled to the brim with dreamy rocks.

But it's about so much more than just Instagram-worthy visuals; each is carefully chosen for its healing qualities (even the massive crystals in the bathroom). There are clear quartz-adorned light fixtures that look like upside-down rock candy pops, said to bring a feeling of balance. Rose quartz, amethyst, and pyrite finishes throughout the studio are meant to promote positive thinking and aid manifestation. And under that floor? Tourmaline and hematite, which reputedly cleanses your aura and helps you stay grounded. 

Photo: Jaime Baird

Design with all the senses in mind

Sometimes the most powerful components of a room are the things you can't see. This is true in The Class: The final touches were the smells and the sounds—if you've ever taken a class with Toomey, you know the power of her music. The actual studio is completely soundproof, with recording studio-quality sound. ("Truly mind-blowing the first time you hear it," promises Kohn—and the Well+Good editors who snuck in an early workout can confirm that this is true.) 

The scent wafting throughout the space is palo santo, a natural wood incense with "a masculine, strong smell that will hopefully balance out the light femininity of the space," Toomey explains. The hope, adds Bell, is to channel all of the senses and leave you filled with incredible energy.

"We kept calling everything a 'moment' as we were building it," says Kohn. "You have a moment when you walk in and first see the space, and then go into the locker room and step in, in awe—it’s these collections of moments that come together to combine into this cohesive whole that’s so beautiful. The studio is really a stunning collection of beautiful moments." And yes, what will surely be some epic, life-affirming, sweat-producing workouts, too.

The Class by Taryn Toomey, 22 Park Place, New York, NY 10007,

If you're still unsure of the experience that is The Class, this video might clear things up. Or get her recipe for a super-detoxing, turmeric tonic—perfect for cold winter mornings.

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