7 Thoughts You’ll Definitely Have at Thanksgiving Day Dinner

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At family dinners, I often transform from the calm and collected person I normally am (heh) to feeling like I could snap at any time. (If my cousin makes that annoying whistling sound one more time...) Navigating it all can be tricky: There are family dynamics to adhere to, uncles to avoid speaking with (no I don't want to hear your hot take on current events), plus the annual "Why are you still single?" chat.

Feeling slightly more unhinged at Thanksgiving seems to be a universal experience, but at the end of the day, you're grateful to reunite with your family—or get to know your partner's a bit better.

Still, it's helpful to know you're not alone, with a running internal monologue throughout the day. The following universal Thanksgiving-related notions aren't just running through your head.

You've had these 7 thoughts at Thanksgivings past, right?


1. Should I stay in the kitchen and pretend to help?

Because, #realtalk: I am not going anywhere near that turkey carcass.


2. Will Aunt Linda ask me about my love life (again)? Because I literally can't even.

Yes, single and fine with it. No, not worried about my eggs drying up!


3. How much wine am I allowed to drink (it is arguably healthy)?

One giant glass? Two small glasses? A bottle? Just kidding....


4. Is it bad to think about pie before we even start dinner?

Whatever. No one can read my mind…right?


5. What would I do without my stretchy pants?

Risk someone seeing me inevitably unbutton my tight jeans before taking a second helping of sweet potatoes? No thanks.


6. I'm sleepy—are we sure tryptophan isn't to blame?

Either way, if I finish eating first I’ll for sure get the best nap spot.


7. Can we *please* talk about anything except politics?

Seriously, Uncle Greg—chill. Ugh, where are my essential oils?

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