4 Shows to Watch on Netflix With Your Family at Thanksgiving to Keep the Peace

Photo: Netflix

The holiday season is somewhat of a double-edged sword: Yes, of course you're glad to be home with your family, catching up in cozy loungewear, surrounded by all the comforts of growing up (like a nostalgic dose of pumpkin spice). But also...you're at home with your family.

Gone is the rational, boss babe of your everyday life, and in her place is the teenage gremlin of your adolescence. It's very easy to find yourself short-tempered or snapping about your lack of personal space, but the holidays can actually be a great opportunity to enjoy some Zen peacefulness, gratitude, and bonding time.

Since you definitely don't need more sources of contention or awkwardness (there's nothing like sitting through a sex scene with your parents), enjoy these foolproof, friendly-for-all TV shows that will keep hell from breaking loose while reminding you and your fam of how much you love each other. (And enjoying seconds on your favorite healthy Thanksgiving dish doesn't hurt the cause either.)

Check out the best things to watch on Netflix for a happy and healthy family holiday.


1. Bob's Burgers

Cartoons might seem really childish, but the last few years have proved that animated TV shows and movies are for all ages (anyone else cry during Up?). The Belcher family is hilarious, relatable, and despite all of the whacky high jinks, they never actually kill each other. It's something to keep in mind when your younger brother starts getting on your nerves.


2. Arrested Development

All-star dysfunctional TV family the Bluths still manage to get along and stick up for each other, even with one family member in prison, one a #nevernude, and one a failed magician.


3. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Okay so the Paddy's Pub crew may or may not kind of, sort of be related (it's a point of contention the show). Regardless, each and every one of them is arguably a horrible person—but they're horrible people together.


4. Schitt's Creek

The premise of this show is somewhat similar to Arrested Development (no complaints, here), but totally true (and cheese-to-the-max) main message is that even when you lose everything else, you still have your family!

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