5 Budget-Friendly Airbnbs Where You Can Live Out Your Tiny-Home Dreams

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In another life, I would be the type of minimalist person who would make Marie Kondo proud. But I'm decidedly a maximalist (read: borderline hoarder). So, although the idea of a tiny home is adorable and dreamy, they're simply impractical for someone who has two essential-oil diffusers (ahem, me).

Thankfully Airbnb allows folks to take breaks from their real lives and spaces and spend time in someone else's shoes—or, you know, their bite-sized homes. And people are really into it: According to a recent report, the mini abodes have had a 125 percent year-over-year increase in bookings, proving the trend is here to stay. So in the spirit of getaways to tiny properties, I've rounded up five homes around the world that are on my Airbnb (and interior decor) wish list.

Find your dream tiny home below.

Photo: Airbnb

1. Katikati, New Zealand, $75 per night

This tiny home in New Zealand is a modern millennial masterpiece. It's surrounded by nature for optimal peace and quiet and even comes complete with a lofted workspace so you can unleash your creativity on the road.

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2. Marlboro, New York, $164 per night

According to the listing, you might recognize the windows-heavy, nature-ensconced tiny trailer from its countless accolades (including being called "the world's most beautiful tiny house" by Forbes).

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3. Hesse, Germany, $90 per night

This idyllic German countryside retreat looks like Chip & Joanna Gaines' rustic aesthetic met (Sofia Coppola's) Marie Antoinette.

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4. Punta Rubia, Uruguay, $71 per night

This airy little cabin is right on the beach, giving you the ultimate relaxing getaway—and plenty of opportunities to get sand between your toes.

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5. Florianópolis, Brazil, $46 per night

For hardly more than a spin class, you can stay the night in this tiny home located in a part of Brazil known as the "Island of Magic," where you can surf and unplug. Should you need AC or a quick Netflix session, however, the home has you covered.

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This story was originally published on April 8, 2018; it was updated on Decembre 12, 2018. 

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