Finally, a Chic Toilet Stool That Makes Pooping Easier Without Ruining My Bathroom’s Aesthetic

Life is full of little dreams, grand aspirations, and micro-wishes. For me, one of those has always been to own a toilet stool, more commonly known as a squatty potty. You're probably thinking: Why don't you just get one? Well, in the decade since I left my parent's house, I've had an endless parade of roommates, and I thought maybe introducing a community toilet squat stool would be weird. The reason? Most of them are eyesores. They're not discrete and broadcast, "Hey everyone, I like to do my business THIS way!" I've never felt comfortable pitching a toilet stool to roommates—until I was introduced to the Tushy Ottoman.

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Tushy, the well-known bidet start-up, recently released two new bathroom ottomans (fancy toilet stools): Relaxed, for "easier crouching," according to the company's website, and Original, which provides a "deeper squat." The company sent me the Relaxed stool, which stands 7.5 inches high, in white.

The Tushy Ottoman made my toilet dreams come true without ruining my bathroom's overall vibe. Here's why: The step stool curves, so it blends in when you slide it in front of the toilet. It looks like it's supposed to be there; yes, it's still a poop stool, but it actually looks cute. The Tushy Ottoman can come with wooden or white legs (I am partial to the white ones). My roommates barely noticed I added the Tushy Ottoman to the bathroom, which is a win in my book.

The other benefit of the stool is that it is as functional as it is stylish. Having your feet on a toilet stool aligns your pipes in a straight line, compared to a more traditional sitting position, "basically helping to 'unkink' your rectum in order to have a complete bowel movement," says Heather Jeffcoat, DPT, doctor of physical therapy and pelvic floor therapist, founder of The stool raises your feet so that your bowels movements can move, well, easier. However, Dr. Jeffocat does warn that this may not be the case if you deal with frequent constipation, and if you do, she says to resist the urge to strain (with the toilet stool and without).

All in all, if you have grand toilet stool ambitions, the Tushy Ottoman is an excellent example of function and beauty—which is something I never thought I would say, but here I am.


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