6 Monochromatic Activewear Pieces in the It-Color of the French Open

Photo: Stocksy/ T Rex Flower
Even if you don't consider yourself to be a sports buff, some special events seem to capture the interest of everyone—take Michael Phelps' repeated swim-race wins, historic figure-skating moves during the Winter Olympics, and, like, most major tennis events. This year's French Open was no exception. Star players Rafael Nadal, Simona Halep, and Sloane Stephens grabbed the world's attention when they rocked the international event while clad head-to-toe in the new color of champions: turquoise.

Nadal made history as one of only two people ever to win 11 individual titles in the same Grand Slam tournament, Halep won her first-ever Grand Slam title, and though Stephens ultimately lost in the women's final to Halep, her fast-rising star has yet to burn out. In fact, even if you've never picked up a tennis racket in your entire life, you can still appreciate how hard the athletes must have worked to achieve their goalsand you can don activewear in the color turquoise to channel their badass strength during your own workouts. Plus, since science shows that colors can affect your mood, digestion, and appearance, don't underestimate the power of dressing for the part.

Check out the 6 empowering monochromatic turquoise must-haves below.

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