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7 Different Types of Kisses and Their Meanings, From Platonic to Passionate

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No one needs to be told that receiving a kiss on the lips versus a kiss on the hand leaves a person feeling differently. And while all types of consensual kisses in romantic relationships can be great, they don’t always convey the same meaning. For instance, a neck kiss might mean your partner is in the mood and turned on but also that there’s a level of depth and passion between you two. On the contrary, a kiss on the cheek might be a more platonic kind of kiss, which your partner may use as a conservative gesture when in public. Or it could even be passed between friends and family members, too.

Of course, all relationships are unique, as are the people who are in them. That means that different types of kisses and their meaning aren't set in stone, but according to experts, there is often some overlap where certain kinds of kisses are associated with a certain meaning.

If you’re looking for a cheat sheet for how different kinds of kisses and their meaning might play into your relationship, keep reading for an expert breakdown. But, do keep in mind that communicating with your partner via intimate conversations that extend being kissing sessions is key for making sure you're both on the same page in your relationship.

7 different types of kisses and their meaning, according to two sex therapists

1. Make-out kiss

A lusty kiss on the lips (think: the classic make-out session) points to your partner being really into you—and currently aroused. Yet, a deep, heavy kiss means that they feel a relatively intimate bond with you or are looking to get closer.

“I think a make-out kiss is about desire for deep connection,” says Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT, an AASECT-certified sex therapist and sexologist for sexual-health brand “Usually this kiss involves the tongue, which helps us be curious about the other person's mouth, but the tongue deep inside someone else is also about union—and therefore the desire to be connected as one.”

This type of kiss indicates a partner is looking to develop your connection. And if a passionate kiss comes up in long-term relationships, it can represent a sense of passion and unity, too.

2. Neck kiss

A neck kiss is connected to passion. "It’s almost as if the kiss is saying, ‘hello sexy person, I really like you,’” says Dr. Skyler. “I think of this kiss as more sensual than lust-filled, but it can become more lust-filled if the kiss turns to a bite.” Nibbling and biting (gently) on the neck can take the kiss up a notch, where your partner is telling you how attracted and passionate they feel towards you, with a greater emphasis on sexual arousal.

3. Stomach kiss

“I consider the stomach kiss to be one of trust,” Dr. Skyler says. “This one is almost saying, ‘I love you just the way you are. You are fully safe with me.’”

If your partner gives you a few kisses on your belly while you’re cuddling and watching TV, or if they work their way up and down your body during foreplay, the stomach kiss might mean that they’re feeling protective over you, and they want you to know that you can trust them. That's because the stomach is a vulnerable area for many, and kiss there is reflective of a strong, intimate pull between the two of you.

4. Closed-mouth kiss

“It's not totally platonic, but it could indicate that intimacy is scary,” says Dr. Skylar. It could show that optimal levels of intimacy aren't really there yet.

It's also possible that a closed-mouth kiss or a peck is reflective of being pressed for time, having disinterest, or pulling away from the relationship. To decipher what it means in the scope of your own partnership, have a conversation.

5. Kiss on the back and shoulders

“For some people, exploring the shoulders and back region is super sexy," says Dr. Skylar. "On the other hand, if it’s the only kiss you engage in, then it could be a barrier to [stay away] from deeper connection and intimacy.”

Back and shoulder kisses could also just be simple and sexually driven, and your partner could be conveying interest and attraction.

6. Forehead (or head) kiss

“This kind of kiss is most often given to show care, affection, or protection, so a forehead kiss feels like an ‘I've gotcha,’ or ‘you're safe here,’ kiss,” says Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT.

Similar to the kiss on the belly, where there’s a sense of protection and trust that’s to be shared, receiving a forehead kiss may mean your partner feels responsible for taking care of you and wants you to feel safe with them. “There is definitely an endearing quality to a forehead kiss, which indicates a level of compassion or care for the other person,” she adds.

7. Hand kiss

This kiss typically conveys respect. “Offering this kiss is a way to say, ‘I love you for all of who you are, and I am humble before you,’” Wright says.

And it can—but doesn't have to be—platonic. "There is no universally accepted meaning of what a hand kiss is, but some use it as a way to say hello while others use it to show commitment,” says Wright. A romantic partner may offer one when they want you to know they find you special, unique, and valuable.

But ultimately, assuming any meaning for what a kiss means may be detrimental to a relationship. Instead, ask your partner what they're thinking and feeling if you don't know what a type of kiss means to them. And, likewise, think about what these types of kisses mean to you.

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