Uniqlo’s New Face Mask Is the Only One You’ll Need for Hot, Sweaty Days

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Photo: Uniqlo; Graphics: Well+Good Creative
The number of eligible bachelors I have had to disqualify from being the love of my life because they don't wear a mask in public is depressingly high. (And by "eligible bachelors," I mean, "random attractive men that I spot while walking my dog but have never actually interacted with.") Unless you have a valid medical reason, wear an [expletive] mask! No, they do not cause carbon dioxide poisoning or cause your oxygen levels to drop dramatically, despite what the meme your high school classmate posted on Facebook says. Masks work to help stop the spread of COVID-19 pathogens and thus lessen the toll of the global pandemic that is still very much a thing that's going on. That said, masks can be super uncomfortable to wear—especially when it's hot out, and you can feel the trapped beads of sweat running down your face, turning into steam, and creating a generally swamp-like setting. Uniqlo set out to solve that with the AIRism Face Mask ($15) for a pack of three.

What sets this mask apart from the plethora of other masks available is that it is made with the brand's popular AIRism fabric. The fabric boasts a laundry list of features: it's stretchy, soft, quick-drying, sweat absorbing, and self-deodorizing. The mask is composed of three layers, the outermost and innermost of which are made of mesh AIRism fabric, and the middle layer is a filter. Another tick in the plus column: the mask also offers UPF 40. And while all masks are definitely going to offer some level of protection guarding skin against the sun's rays, it's nice to know that this mask is particularly good at fending off UV damage that could be caused to your complexion. (Just be sure to slather on SPF underneath so you don't wind up with a wonky mask tan).

They are also machine washable—but if, like me, you are low on quarters thanks to the coin shortage, you can also wash your masks by hand. They come in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) and three colors (grey, white, and black), so there's a fit for everyone... and seriously no [expletive] reason not to wear one.

Shop now: Uniqlo AIRism Face Mask, $15 (Pack of Three)

Uniqlo Airism Face Mask
Photo: Uniqlo

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