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I’ve Tested Thousands of Eyeshadows, and This Is the Only Palette I Use Every Day

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When Urban Decay announced that its iconic Naked palette was being discontinued back in 2018, it felt like a personal attack. I had purchased the 12-shadow collection back in high school, and jokingly referred to it as my one true love. It came everywhere with me, and was the only eyeshadow I ever wore. I used my favorite shades down to the pan, then spent three months in deep despair until the brand launched its Naked Reloaded Palette ($44) in early 2019 which is—IMHO—even better than the original. Following a year of covering half my face with a mask, having access to a really solid eyeshadow option is key.


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As someone who tends toward natural, no-makeup-makeup-style makeup, the new and improved version of Naked has everything I need to create my dream eyeshadow look. There are five matte nudes that range from pale beige to chocolate brown; a range of six shimmery metallics that include gold, bronze, rose gold, and gunmetal; and one fiery coral shade for a little bit of extra warmth. Each of the shadows is made with a proprietary "pigment infusion system," which gives it a velvety texture and serious staying power.

Whether I'm looking to create an evening-appropriate smokey eye or to simply brighten my eyes the morning after a sleepless night, this palette's got everything I need to get the job done. Most days, I start by sweeping one of the beige shades all the way from my lash line to my brow bone, then I apply two of the metallics across my crease (a darker shade on the outer half of my lid and a lighter one on the inner corners), then I blend it in. The shades all mix together so seamlessly that, as I've learned, you really can't go wrong with any color combination.

Just like the original Naked Palette, the reloaded version has also earned a place as a staple in my out-and-about makeup bag thanks to its multi-purpose abilities. I'll often wet a small makeup brush and use one of the deeper shades on my lash line (let me tell you: gunmetal eyeliner is a surefire way to get a whole lot of compliments), dust the rose gold on my cheeks and cupid's bow as a stand-in for highlighter, and repurpose the coral as a blush. For $44, it's basically an entire beauty routine packed into a single, easily transportable palette.

All to say: If Urban Decay ever decides to discontinue this version of the palette, I don't know what I'll do.

Want to learn how to up your eyeshadow game? Check out the video below. 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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