9 Vegan Winter Coats That Are Cozy, Cool, and Sustainable

Photo: Stocksy/Leandro Crespi
It got down to 45 degrees here in Los Angeles the other day, which means it basically turned into The Day After Tomorrow, only with more faux fur. I found myself in need of more than the fleece jacket. And, as a result, I've spent a significant amount of time researching this season's stock of vegan winter coats. What I found is that, because sustainable fashion is booming, especially in California, right now, ethical options—that also happen to be cool and cozy—are easier than ever to come by.

When looking at vegan winter coats, be sure to avoid the obvious: leather, suede, fur, wool, cashmere, angora, camel hair, and mohair. "Often, people just look at the outer fabric, but a jacket's lining, filling, trim, and hardware can [also] have unsustainable origins," says Amy Rebecca Wilde, founder of Vegan Scene, a vegan fashion boutique in Venice, Cali. She says they're usually made from plant or synthetic fibers, but they could contain silk, which is not vegan. You also want to avoid down as the filling of your coat, because this often means feathers from ducks or geese.

One more design element to watch out for when looking for vegan winter coats: "Most people don’t know that they should investigate buttons, which can be sneaky, and you can find pearl, shell, horn, and ivory," she adds. Knowledge is power, people.

If you're looking to stave off the winter chill, wherever you live, here are 9 vegan winter coats that can help you accomplish your mission in an ethical way.

vegan winter coat
Photo: I.Am.Gia

I.AM.GIA Contraband Jacket, $180

You've probably seen this brand's Pixie jacket on your Instagram feed, but I'm also obsessed with this vegan-friendly quilted velvet coat. The oversized shape makes it the perfect topper for the 435 turtlenecks you're also wearing to stay warm.

 vegan winter coat
Photo: Oros

Oros Orion Parka, $300

This cozy coat boasts some pretty impressive tech—it's made with the same material that NASA uses to insulate space shuttles. So, yeah, it's incredibly warm. Thank u, next polar vortex. In addition, the lining is made from 88-percent-recycled polyester.

vegan winter coat
Photo: Zara

Zara Faux Fur Jacket, $90

The padding of this jacket is made from 100-percent-recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. The high collar will help keep your neck warm, and the cream faux fur is incredibly plush and cozy.

vegan winter coat
Photo: Unreal Fur

Unreal Fur Earth Star Jacket, $359

Margot Tenenbaum, but make it vegan. (Great, now I want to chop my hair into a bob again.)

vegan winter coat
Photo: Nanushka

Nanushka Gus Croc-Effect Vegan Leather Coat, $498

I want it to stay freezing in LA (don't @ me, it's all relative) just so I can wear this croc-embossed, Matrix-but-cooler jacket over all of my outfits.

vegan winter coat
Photo: Fuzz Not Fur

Fuzz Not Fur Snow Knight Faux Fur Coat, $1,105

This PETA-approved coat is handmade in Paris, and I would live in its cozy plushness if there weren't a 100-percent chance I would accidentally spill red wine on it. Luckily there's an iteration in dark brown for us accident-prone people.

vegan winter coat
Photo: Noize Original

Noize Sam Long Length Jacket with Vegan Leather Sleeves, $179

This is decidedly Game of Thrones-esque but vegan fashion, an aesthetic I didn't know that I needed in my life but now have to have. An entirely vegan construction that will keep you warm whether you're heading north of the wall (or, you know, down the street to get coffee).

vegan winter coat
Photo: Hoodlamb

Hoodlamb Long Hoodlamb Coat, $321

A blend of hemp and organic cotton make up this coat's water-resistant shell. Even better: The faux fur trim is made from recycled elements, and very cozy.

vegan winter coat
Photo: Legends & Vibes

Legends & Vibes Boardwalk Geometric Jacket, $140

This coat is perfect if you're generally experiencing a mild winter—or if you're my sister, who has the fan on when it's snowing outside.

Need more incentive to add faux fur to your wardrobe? It's one of the biggest trends right now (and it's so, so cozy). Speaking of which, someone literally offered to buy this faux shearling off my back.

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