6 Virtual Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol but Do Involve Unique Ways To Connect

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While dating during quarantine offers certain unique pros and cons, it's clear that—for better or worse—COVID-19 has changed the game, no matter your preferences or interests because people are connecting differently than they used to. And with this new landscape, coming up with virtual date ideas without alcohol may require some extra thought. Whether you lead a 100 percent sober lifestyle, are taking a break from alcohol, or have preferences that fall somewhere between, the tendency to have a first virtual date of “drinks over Zoom” can get old quickly for anyone.

For that reason—and also because there are so many other things to do on a virtual date than sip together—Lindsey Metselaar, host of dating-focused podcast We Met at Acme, suggests thinking beyond the cocktail. Sober dating “gives you the opportunity to get creative” by coming up with new ways to connect with someone, rather than just raising a glass through the screen, she says. “If someone puts in that extra effort to think of a great date idea, then you know they’re actually into it.” With that in mind, consider trying the following six virtual date ideas without alcohol.

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  • Lindsey Metselaar, Lindsey Metselaar is the host of dating-focused podcast "We Met at Acme."

6 virtual date ideas without alcohol that combine creativity and connection.

1. Coffee date

Plan to meet virtually, and to bring your favorite tea or coffee beverage. You can switch things up and do a late-morning or afternoon date rather than sticking to the standard evening timing. And if you work remotely, consider scheduling your virtual date outside of your typical work hours and dialing in from a different location in your home than where you work. This may help create separation between your work life and your dating life.

2. Watch a movie

Have your date pick their favorite movie and plan to watch it “together,” either on the phone or through a video call. Grab some popcorn and your favorite movie theater snacks, and use one of these six services to help the two of you tune in together.

Pro-tip: If this is an early-in-the game-date, pick a movie you don’t mind talking over.

3. Have a (virtual) night at the museum

Museum dates are not just for the movies, and while many museums are closed to the public, a number of exhibits are available for you to visit virtually from the comfort of your couch. And hey, even if you and your date don’t hit it off, you’ll be expanding your cultural horizons while giving your Netflix queue a little break.

4. Root for your team(s)

If you and your date are sports fans, consider “meeting” for a game and making a night of it. Order each other food from your favorite local sports bar and turn the game on while you chat.

5. Cook dinner together

Cooking dinner together (but apart) can be a great way to get up and moving. Plus, you can preview the other person’s cooking skills, which may be of interest for you to note for the relationship's longer-term potential.

6. Tour their apartment

On that note, virtual dating can be a great way to see inside someone’s world, without needing to worry about any pressures or expectations that can come with sharing space in person. Offer to give your date a video tour of your living space (or your bedroom, depending on your comfort level and preferences) and ask to see their setup, too. You can learn a lot about a person from their home environment.

Ultimately, dating sans booze can help you to fully be yourself and to acknowledge how you really feel. And with virtual date ideas without alcohol that are actually fun and connective, you stand to have a great time in the process, pandemic or not.

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