Feel Like You’re Drowning in the Wake of a Painful Split? A New Breakup Concierge Wants to Throw You a Life Raft

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Going through a breakup can feel like you're treading water in the deep end—or, let's be real, in a riptide. And to add insult to serious emotional injury, ending things with a long-time partner often comes with a heaping side of mundane logistical BS you have to deal with. You might need to pack up drawers you've commandeered or find a new apartment entirely. Maybe you need to enlist extra hands to help with your dog now that your two-person team is down to just you.

In a magical alternate reality, you'd have some sort of relationship fairy godmother to help you reconstruct your life. Here on this planet, a new service, Onward, aims to help you deal with the more tedious (and TBH awkward) parts of your breakup, allowing you to focus on self-care and healing. (But if you need it, Onward purports to help with those things, too.)

The service, which was in beta testing until this week, is currently available in New York City (with plans to expand to Los Angeles, Denver, Washington D.C., and San Francisco within the year, a company rep tells me). And because no two splits are the same, the company offers different membership tiers (starting at $99) and personalized plans to suit your needs, whether than means packing your bags, waiting for the cable guy at your new home, or acting as a matchmaker for you and a shiny new therapist.

At first blush, a breakup concierge might seem like a frivolous tech fix for a problem you could solve yourself if you could rustle up little more grit—like taking an Uber because you don't want to walk to the train or having your groceries delivered because it's too cold outside. But going through a breakup or divorce can be a difficult and harrowing experience, and the idea of rebuilding your life can be debilitating. The co-founders, one of whose mother was divorce attorney, are looking to help you move past this paralysis. As they write on their site, "On the other side of a challenging situation, there is opportunity to lead a better life."

So no, the service can't solve your heartbreak, but at least you won't have to miss that restorative yoga class or date with your friends to wait on hold with your utilities company. 

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