5 Things to Stream on Netflix When You’re Fresh Off a Rough Breakup

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Breakups are like going to the dentist: necessary but often really painful—especially if your breakup is more "root canal" than "routine cleaning."

While navigating heartbreak, you can deal by be social and going outside, taking out your aggression on a boxing bag, and enjoying a healthy lunch date with your pals (which is a great strategy for keeping lovesickness-fueled inflammation at bay). But on other days, you may prefer to skew toward all things hygge for self-care by hunkering down on the couch, snuggled up in a cozy robe, wearing a face mask, and watching Netflix.

For those moments when you need a sec to yourself so you can feel all the feels in the comfort of your own Zen den, these Netflix picks will help you remember that this, too, shall pass.

Soothe an aching heart by streaming these 5 shows and movies on Netflix.


1. Heathers

Sometimes the best part of a breakup is getting away from someone who's dragging you down, and in the case of this dark high school comedy, that someone is a guy who's implicating you in multiple murders. Has there ever been a better reminder that so-called cool guys can suck, too!?!


2. The Office

So. Many. Relationship. Lessons. Imagine if Pam and Roy or Michael and Jan had never broken up. Although they really believed in their relationships at the time, the characters eventually found out (spoiler alert!) that someone better would come along—just like they will for you, seriously.


3. New Girl

At the start of the series, we meet Jessica Day hunting for a new apartment after finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her. It turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to her: She makes new friends and moves into a loft (with an unbelievable amount of space and natural light—score!).


4. Bridget Jones's Diary

Over the course of 90 minutes, our beloved Bridget has her heart broken twice and struggles through the letdowns. Real talk: Anyone who can't handle her adorably human quirks (or yours) is honestly not worth it—which both of her suitors eventually figure out.


5. The Break-Up

This isn't your traditional romantic comedy: Jennifer Aniston's character realizes something Samantha Jones always knew: "I love you, but I love me more." She and her ex, played by Vince Vaughn, realize that sometimes, the best thing two people can do—even when they still care about each other—is be alone.

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