6 Scary Netflix Picks to Spark Serious Bonding This Halloween Weekend

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Halloween weekend is here! Whether you're hosting a Druid-themed women's circle for your crew or raiding your activewear drawer to create a costume (hey, Sporty Spice!), the best thing about the holiday is bonding with your BFFs (or your boo) by watching some creepy, adrenaline-pumping flicks and TV shows. And hey, most of us don't get enough time with loved ones anyway—and doing so is really good for you. Basically, consider the ghoul-fest a relationship builder.

So in addition to whipping up some healthy treats—and dressing up as, say, a fitness-forward Princess Diana—any healthy Halloween schedule should probably include some Netflix time.

Here are 6 movies and shows for you and your squad to get scared by, together.


1. Stranger Things, Season 2

The kids of Hawkins, Indiana, are back! If you've spent every waking moment—since devouring the first season in one sitting—hoping and waiting for the follow-up, it's finally here. Revisit the old episodes or jump into the new ones, now that Will Byers is back home.


2. The Addams Family

The royal family of horror and macabre is a classic. Anjelica Huston's turn as Morticia Addams is nothing short of iconic—and eerily calm. Think Morticia does Headspace every morning?


3. Penny Dreadful

The name of this show is a term that was used to refer to kitschy, thin, paperback books that were popular in the 1800s. This show takes these witchy characters (Frankenstein, American werewolf in London, Dorian Gray) and weaves three seasons into an interconnected spook-a-thon.


4. Donnie Darko

A cult classic, Donnie Darko stars IRL siblings Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal as a brother and sister dealing with some bizarre, parallel-universe shenanigans. This movie isn't all creepy—it also has some of the best one-liners in movie history. Namely: "Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion."


5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie prompted a mini-debate in the office over whether it's actually a movie for Christmas movie or Halloween. The verdict: It's at least a little bit of both, so why not watch it twice a year? The Tim Burton classic is one of those age-old crowd-pleasers.


6. The Babadook

For a very real, very frightening movie experience, consider The Babadook. But before you watch it, you may want to stash any books lying around from your childhood in a locked cabinet.

If witchy is more your vibe than spooky, check out these Netflix picks—and if you're looking for some empowering options, check these out

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