Healthy Splurges That Are Worth It, According to Wellness Insiders

Wellness doesn’t have to be expensive—it's totally possible to make our own superfood smoothies for less than $2 a day and get awesome non-toxic skin care at Target. But there are certain items that are still worth shelling out the big bucks for, as just about any health or beauty junkie will attest.

To find out what's truly worth the splurge, we polled some of the savviest wellness influencers we know to find out what their big-ticket items are. And it’s not just $100 moisturizers and $700 juicers that merit some indulgence; when these it-girls were asked what they drop the most cash on, their answers ranged from spa trips and holistic healers to superfoods and supplements.

The one thing all of these tastemakers agreed on: If it’s something that gives you more energy, zaps stress, or bestows the kind of glow that no cult makeup product can, it’s a good investment.

Scroll down to see the experiences, experts, and products that 13 wellness entrepreneurs will gladly splurge on.

Tyler Haney10

Tyler Haney, founder of Outdoor Voices

I'm really big on supplements. Mental clarity and energy are the two most important factors in how I feel throughout the day—staying active really helps, but I also rely on a handful of supplements to keep me going.

I’ve recently become obsessed with [futurist] Ray Kurzweil and [his theories on] cell regeneration, so I take Lypo-Spheric Phosphatidylcholine and Vitamin B, which helps with cellular regeneration and cognitive performance. I take biotin for shiny hair and healthy skin and nails—something I learned from my days horseback riding—and have a swig of bentonite clay when I wake up in the morning and before bed. The clay [is said to] grab loose toxins and flush them out.


Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle, founders of Sakara

DD: Great workout pants. I love the collaboration between Bandier and Cushnie et Ochs—the line is sexy and functional.

WT: My biggest indulgence is taking an hour-long mineral bath with salts and magnesium. I light a Le Labo candle (the Santal 26 scent is my favorite), hop in the tub, and I instantly feel de-stressed.

Vanessa Packer

Vanessa Packer, founder of ModelFit

Spending an afternoon at Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca is like being transported to Istanbul—especially in winter!

Amanda Chantal Bacon

Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice

I love B12 shots! I buy them by the 10-pack from Dr. Kelly Bender, a naturopathic doctor who administers vitamin shots through the Pure Vitality Center in LA.

Jennifer Bandier

Jennifer Bandier, founder of Bandier

I'm obsessed with beauty products and I love learning about brands that are all-natural and organic. Right now, my favorite is Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm.

CAP Beauty-2

Cindy DiPrima and Kerrilynn Pamer, founders of CAP Beauty

KP: I'm always happy to spend money on any type of treatment, and that includes therapy. When my mind and body are clear, I'm clear.

CDP: When it comes to stocking the fridge and pantry, I spend like a billionaire! Anita’s Coconut Yogurt, Sunfood Botija olives, jars of biodynamic fermented vegetables, and all sorts of fancy lettuces, mushrooms, and microgreens. I don’t hold back. We rarely eat out and never order in, so I don’t mind being extravagant here. Health is wealth, after all.

Serene Social

Tegan Bukowski, Millana Snow, and Jordan Daly, creators of Serene Social and Serene Book

TB: I have recently found myself spending a lot of money on face moisturizers and face oils. Finding the perfect all-natural—but still effective—face moisturizer has been a journey. Now that I have found the ones that work for me, I am willing to pay a hefty price! In the morning, I use Aesop's Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream with some 100 percent pure Carrot Seed Oil for sun protection—with 30-40 SPF, naturally! In the evening, I use Linne Botanicals Repair Face Oil.

MS: I splurge on treatments with practitioners. I've had serious breakthroughs in classes with reiki master and Kundalini yoga teacher Valerie Oula of Modern Ritual NYC; intuitive Noah Berman is so spot on and loving with his readings; Ally Bogard is one of my fave yoga teachers; and Melanie Herring is one of the best facialists in New York because she uses the purest of products and does energy healing throughout... heaven!

JD: Almond butter—yes, at $14 I consider this a splurge! Hawaiian Airlines flights, avocados—seriously—and Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll body oils by Victorine Deych.


Ruby Warrington, creator of The Numinous

I love trying cosmic supplements and adaptogens. Mucuna pruriens "dopamine beans" from Sun Potion are a favorite, and I fantasize about buying the complete Full Moon Pantry Collection from Moon Juice.

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